Dear Interested Readers and Educators,

In answer to some of your questions I am taking this opportunity to tell you a bit about myself.

I live on Cape Breton Island, which is connected to Nova Scotia by The Canso Causeway.

I live over on the west side of the Island but was born on the east side. I still consider the east my home away from home.  Oddly whenever I visit the ‘big city’-of Sydney, I am drawn to its comfort, much like a wayward bee hunting for roadside flowers.

I attended Francis Xavier University for my undergraduate degree and went back for my B.Ed., which I received in 1975. I taught for thirty-five years. WOW, I know! Time is a winged warrior that goes by like a flash in the night sky. During my working years I took continuing education courses from St. F.X and CBU -off and on for thirteen years. By the end of it all I had upgraded earning two master degrees. One in Educational Administration and the other in Educational technology.  My educational web page was begun in 1985 and I kept changing it ever since. My participation in the Active Reading initiative by the N.S. Dept. of Education  has led to a great wealth of information on my Reading Workshop site. I developed many of the rubrics etc for my curriculum through the knowledge I gained during conferences etc.

And in between my professional studies, I also began a writing path in the early 80's that I continue to upgrade through workshops, webinars, and editing.

I have rewritten and edited a young adult fantasy novel, and am editing my YA historical. I have a saying on my bulletin board next to my desk.  "Love Writing. It's what you own, it's what you control, and the joy you find in it is what no one can take away from you. "  If I am never published-I fervently hope that is not the case-- I will continue to write because it gives me joy!

I am part of Boularderie Island Master Institute and we have published a book Thirteen Ways From Sunday. I have a memoir in it. So I now can officially lay claim to the title  published author!

I hope you will find your passion and live it.

Susan Moran