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All tasks and activities will be judged using the following to determine marks.
Partner  Discussion 10% Tasks and Activities will be given a weight of 40%
Partner Activities 20% each Each one you complete is given a mark of 20 for a final of 40%
Individual Task 20% each  I will judge this task using the following where 5 = 20%:  Rubric
The above are combined for a mark out of 100%
Quiz 100% You must hand this in.
ScavengerTest 50% Find answers, write or type neatly, hand in.
Review Questions 30% In your group find the correct answers, help each other by dividing up the questions then discuss all answers. Hand in one copy of answers for the group. Put all names on top of paper and the date.
Self/Group Evaluations 20% Complete and hand in. The quiz and self/group evaluations will be 20% of your final grade.
The above: Scavenger test + self/group + Quiz= are also added to =100: The three tests are then averaged [divided by 3]


Note To Students
  • You are expected to be on your best behavior at all times.

  • It is important that you have all your reading complete on time.

  • We will review for the test a few days beforehand.

  • Make sure you catch up if you are missing.

  • It is the responsibility of each person in the group to help others.

  • Be polite. Allow everyone to have an opinion.

  • If you were sick at any time during this unit please meet with me.

  • Conclusions

    Students, through completion of the various media activities and written assignments should be able to demonstrate their mastery of the objectives as outlined in Student'sIntroduction

    I have reviewed this material quite a number of times. However it seems, inevitably, I may miss something. Please use the above e-mail to let me know of any problems.

    I believe this web quest contains a wealth of materials and takes into consideration all types of learners. The activities are based on the Key stage Outcomes outlined in the Atlantic Canada Framework for Essential Graduation Learnings documents. These documents can be found at the DepartmentOfEducation in Nova Scotia, Canada.


    E-Mail your Teacher the answers. Alternatively, hand them in.


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