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Revolution Lesson 


Directions: Partners choose 2 of the following Activities to complete. Hand in Notes on each. 

Go to Scavenger Hunt and do the Famous People Activity. Take notes on the information you learn and hand in a written summary of what you learned.


You will need a good horse to go on this RevolutionaryRide Play this Revolutionary game and learn all about The American Revolution. Use bristol board to describe this game and what you learned about the war.


Find out what the Intolerable acts were and how they affected the common people of Boston and surrounding areas. Make a computer presentation based on your information.



What was the link between Canada and the American Revolution?  
 Describe their concerns and the connection between the two by using a Presentation Program to complete this.


Use this primary document{first hand} TheDiaryofCaptainWilliamYarrington to make a computer presentation on the goings on of the army between August and October in 1775. What was life like for an army Captain in 1775. Describe this life.


What events were happening inNovaScotiaduringtheAmericanRevolution? Prepare a report and display on (bristol board) showing what was going on in Nova scotia at the time of the American Revolution.



Command the Colonials or the British in this exciting Strategy/warGame. Describe what facts and details you learned while play this game and hand in when you are finished. Hand in your thoughts on one full page.


Guide Paul Revere the famous silversmith on his legendary RideTo Lexington andConcord. Make sure you show information describing Paul Revere, the Silversmith and tell the part he played in the American Revolution. Hand in Write -Up.



Complete the puzzle and pass it in with the rest of the activities.


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