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Johnny Tremain is an orphan and has been apprenticed to one of Boston's fine Silversmith's Mr.Lapham, who lives with his daughter and her family. Apprenticeship was common in this era. Boys lived with Master Craftsman and earned their keep by working for the craftsman in return for room and board as well as learning the trade. Johnny is a promising student and is a favorite with the Lapham's as he is able to read and can teach this skill to the granddaughters of Mr. Lapham. Mr. Lapham has put him in charge of the other apprentices, Dusty Miller and Dove, and so is known as the "boss of the attic".

Throughout this Web Quest you will follow Johnny's adventures in 17thCenturyBoston You will learn what your life is like as a young person growing up in Boston during this period in history. This Web quest will assist you in understanding the terminology and appreciate this unique era. It will take you back to Pre-Revolutionary Boston. You will be assuming the role of journalists and "snoop" around for information to write for the local paper.

The reason this novel is a fine example of HistoricalFiction is that it is based on TrueEvents which occurred during this time in History. One event in the novel which actually took place is the fact that British North America was a collection of British colonies and territories. But they were ripe for a change. Events within the colonies pointed that way. People were not happy with the way things were. Other events that really took place were the Boston Tea Party and the battle at Lexington.

 Search the Web to find what these events were and write articles about everyday issues and concerns the citizens of Boston would have. The colonies were also being affected by events in other countries like Canada and Britain. What were they?

I hope you enjoy your historical adventure as you read your novel and are transported back in time.


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