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Revolution Lesson 


INDIVIDUAL Tasks - Oral Presentations

Choose any two to complete. Save a copy of your notes on a jump stick as well as a copy on the computer. All Tasks will be evaluated using this Rubric.

Interview An Historical Figure

Drama Center

Computer PowerPoint Presentation

Silversmith's At Work Cartoonists at Work Center On to Activities


Press Candidate

Interview an Historical Figure

Your Task
Ever picture yourself a reporter? [Tipsonwriting] Well now is your chance! You will research one of the following historical people [ listed below ] who are found in your novel. You must pay particular attention to little details about the individual because you have to interview him. Go to these primary resources and read some speeches to get a better idea of what they are like. HistoricalDocumentCollection.You are to make up twenty interview questions after your research. You will read these orally in front of the class. You could ask another student to role play the interviewer on the day of the Oral Presentation. You must decide if  you will dress up as the historical person.

Once you have your research complete  Write up your first draft of your questions and answers and show these to the teacher.  You must then design a Computer Presentation to show after your questions- a biography on the person. Show it to the class.


Historical People


AllMenoftheRevolution GeorgeWashington
SamuelAdams     JohnHancock DaughtersOfRevolution


Hand in your interviews to the teacher. You will present the interview on presentation day.

You will be judged on: Interview Questions: 10 Quality and Relevance to the book. 10  Effort 5


Drama Center

 Oral Skills

Computer Presentation


Your Task

Research and take notes on The Colonies. Use these two sites to help you gather information. ColonialBoston  and Boston. You must prepare your oral presentation using Power point.



Evaluation Have your notes to hand in. Content- 10.... Presentation Design - 10...

Oral Skills- 5


Computer Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation

Computer Center

 Spy Organization


Your Task

Want to be in the secret spy organization Sons_of_Liberty"? Research at the computer center by gathering all your information about the goings on in this organization. Use the links below for background information and further understanding about this group. You can go to this Forum to see what others are saying about the American Revolution. Show who was involved in this organization.

Make a Microsoft Presentation brochure advertising this organization. Try to recruit members by offering prizes etc. You could prepare this brochure using other forms of multimedia like Lotus Graphics, digital cameras, scanners etc.

RevolutionaryBackground RevWarStories AmericanRevolution Alternate Project

Evaluation of Multimedia Presentation: Presentation---10 Use of Multimedia Features --- 5-------- Content 10



Political Cartoons

Research Political Cartoonists Draw Political Cartoons



Your Task

Know how the people of Boston got the message around showing their displeasure over TheIntolerableActs? They used politicalpropaganda cartoons . They sent these caricatures to local newspapers.They poked fun of politicians and The British Government who supported The Intolerable Acts. Go to Teen_Cartoons and view the great news worthy fun political cartoons at this site. How To Draw A Cartoon.
Find out about
Political Propaganda during The American Revolution and draw one RevolutionaryCartoon each depicting the events and people of the time who you think a cartoonist at the time would want to poke fun at. Research this site's newspapers and look for PoliticalCartoons at this site. From here you can decide what to draw using any medium you wish. Hand this in.




Your cartoon is worth 25. Use any medium but must have lots of detail showing you understood the issues of the day.


Silversmiths At Work

Silversmith Center Writing Newspaper Articles

Your Task

Wonder what it was like to earn a living back in 1773? Well follow Paul Revere and other leaders during The American Revolution. You and your group must write newspaper articles about the different tasks of the Silversmith trade, and any other jobs that you can find out about during this time. You may write a report on PaulRevere -his life and times.

1. Look at Asa RansomSilversmith to help you understand the trade.

2.Go to Colonial Silversmiths

3. Visit the MuseumofTheRevolutionaryWar

Look at the following primary documents, which are actual accounts in newspapers of the day, to get an idea of how newspapers reported events during this time.
ConnecticutGazette1781 Some old papers EarlyWritingExamples


Complete your rough draft on the computer after doing the research.

Spell check and grammar check. Once all articles are complete we will design our newspaper.

Content/information: /15 Grammar: /10



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