Johnny Tremain by Esther Forbes
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Grade Level:8

Materials you need: Copies of Novel Johnny Tremain
Access to internet/4-6 computers or lab
Tables in classroom for work centers
Video Camera/digital camera/period costumes


This site is a novel Web Quest created for students filled with activities that will help you to understand HistoricalFiction. You will learn how authors use history to create fictional characters and weave a tale based on real events. Through the novel Johnny Tremain you will learn about  secret societies and special organizations. It is my goal to guide you to discover the ways young people your own age helped the causes people of TheColonies believed in during the The AmericanRevolution.

You will share information with your classmates about this book by joining a chat group. You can go to EduPlace and enter their Reading Room. See if you can join a group from around the world who has also read Johnny Tremain.     




Imagine it is 1773 and you are living in The Boston Commons. You  are not attending formal school. If you are male you may be an apprentice in a trade, such as silversmith, journalist or conscripted for the "Continental Army". If you are female you would be receiving training in your home. You have one suit of clothes to wear . More than likely you also have one pair of shoes that you are allowed to wear in Fall and Winter. In summer you go barefoot.

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This is the World as portrayed in Esther Forbes's Novel Johnny Tremain.

This Web Quest will take you back to Pre- Revolutionary Boston. A time which Esther Forbes describes in her Historical Fiction novel  Johnny Tremain. This quest is designed to transport you between 1773 and 1776.  My intention is to assist you in understanding the novel by engaging you in activities similar to those which occurred in the time frame set in the novel.



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