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This is  a dipper , similar to the one Johnny would have used.

Review Questions For Johnny Tremain  by Esther Forbes
Discuss these in your groups and each person take notes for the quiz.

Chapter I

1. Describe Johnny's relationship with the boys in the attic. What qualities would you say Johnny has so far?

2. Describe the members of the Lapham household.

3. What hint is given you that trouble is brewing between Boston and England?

4. What is an apprentice? Does Johnny show he is a good apprentice? What has he done to make you think this?

5. Describe the underlying reason Mr. Lapham gets Johnny to read the bible after breakfast. What  is another reason  for Johnny to be chosen?





Chapter II

1. Who was Paul Revere as he is described in this chapter?

2. Explain how Paul helped Johnny with his wax model of the handle.

3. Tell the story of the dreadful tragedy. Explain your thoughts on whether it was accidental or planned by someone in the shop..

4. Was it cruelty or pity that made Johnny bitter? Justify your answer.

5. What do you think will become of Johnny now? What types of jobs  could he do?





Chapter III

1. Here is a list of  artisan's jobs found in Boston in 1770. Describe what the artisan would be doing to earn a living.

    a. cooper       b. soap-boiler      c. leather-dresser       d. weaver

2. Why did the newspaper The Boston Observer use that particular  signboard  over its shop?

3. What made Johnny tell Rab his whole story?

4. How is Johnny beginning to change?

5. We  are given additional information about John Hancock . Tell what we know about him up until this point in the novel.





Chapter IV

1. What proof does Rab give Johnny that Mr. Lyte is crooked? This is a foreshadow of events to come. Find out what foreshadow is by looking it up in the dictionary, before answering this question.

2. Describe who the " Son's of Liberty " were, what their secret sign was and any other   pertinent information regarding their activities.

3. Describe the information  about Johnny's ancestry that comes to be known in this chapter.

4 . Tell your thoughts and feelings about the scene between Johnny and Mr. Lyte's Beacon Hill home.

5. Why is Lavinia Lyte showing such interest in Isannah?





Chapter V

1. Would you have gone back  to Mr. Lyte's house like Johnny did? Why or why not?

2. Was it incredible that Johnny learned to ride a horse in one lesson? Is it possible?
    Justify your answer.

3. What are some other lessons that Johnny learned from Rab? ( political or otherwise)

4. How did Johnny come to the attention of Sam Adams?

5. How is Johnny  adjusting to his new life? Describe this.





Chapter VI

1. Why did England insist on the tax on tea? What did they think the Americans would
    do about it?

2. Try reading the notice Sam Adam wrote as he wanted it read. Now read it as Rab read it.

3. What exactly did Johnny mean when he said that Lavinia was the most disagreeable
    women he  had ever seen?

4. What is the historical significance of the date of this chapter?

5.  Define these eighteenth century words: syllabubs, taproom, surtout, poke of sweetmeats, tinker, post  rider.Then show you know the meaning by writing them in a sentence.






Chapter VII

1. Explain how Johnny became a kind of secret agent?

2. What is meant by the chapter heading " The Fiddler's Bill"?

3. Explain the relationship between Cilla and Johnny? Is she changing? How?

4. How did Dove come back into Johnny's life?  How does Johnny treat him?

5. Why didn't Johnny find the scene in Lavinia's house involving Isannah , funny?





Chapter VIII
1. How does Johnny find out the truth about his parentage? Tell what he found out.

2. What did Johnny mean by " This is the end. The end of one thing  - the beginning
    of something else"

3. Describe the incident of Rab and the musket. What does this show you about the
    attitude of the British towards the Americans( at this time in history)?

4. What was the difference between Sam Adam's reasons for making war and those given by James Otis?

5. What did  Paul Revere reveal about his attitude towards the taxes, in this chapter?





Chapter IX

1. Explain the spy system that Paul Revere organized. Tell how it worked.

2. How does Johnny befriend Lieutenant Stranger?

3. Tell how Rab finally got a musket.

4. What is Rab's and Johnny's part in the underground Revolution that is taking shape?

5. How does Johnny become a hero through the information he gleaned from Lydia?





Chapter X

1.  The title of this chapter has great historical significance. What is it?

2. Where were Hancock and John Adams when the revolution began? Why is this important?

3. Look at the map in your book, explain the route the British would have to take to Concord if they went by land; ifthey went by sea.

4. How did Dove innocently help Johnny?

5. How did the church become historically significant in the revolution?





Chapter XI

1. Describe Dr. Warren's and Johnny's encounter in this chapter. What is it that he is
    trying to tell Johnny?

2. What outstanding scenes are vividly impressed on your mind from this chapter?

3. What was Johnny doing this fine morning of April 19,1775?

4. Read Johnny's answer to Mrs. Bessie's question about his age. Do you agree with him, why?

5. Did Lavinia change in this chapter? How?





Chapter XII

1. How does Johnny show he is intelligent and quick-witted in this chapter?

2. Explain what happened to Grandsire Silsbee.

3. Why did Johnny finally show his hand to DR. Warren?

4. If there had been video cameras back then, what scenes would they have been shooting?

5. What  was Johnny's role in the Revolution after shots were fired at Lexington?





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