Book Says- I Say - and So.... Exercise

Thanks to Kyleen Beers for the following.


Your group must devise meaningful questions from your novel or story selection. The question must deal with an important problem or issue relating to one of the characters in the book. If you have three members in your group then you will have three meaningful questions. Once one person puts down a question, the rest of the group must take turns to come up with part of the answer. You will have three answers in each column for every question. (See example below) Each member of the group must in turn ask a question. Fill in the spaces with thoughtful answers including details from the story to support your ideas.


         Question...                             Book Says....                    I Say....                     And So....














Here is an example of one done for you!



Book Says ----- I Say ----- And so

Note: This is an example only! From- The Jade Peony- Wayson Choy. Please note, If there are three or four in the group each person may have a new idea to add for the same question. Leave some space between each answer. Discuss all answers thoroughly before writing. Share the writing! Remember you may need to reread the story or section several times to find the answer!! This example assumes there are 3 in the group and you are only finished question one..


     Question                               Book Says                            I Say                          And So


1. What did the boy mean by the whole household held its breath?













A) The story says that they were looking for final proof that her present life had ended.


B) On page 9 it says .." I must say goodbye to this world or wander in this foreign land forever."


C) On page 1 it says that my family knew that without a clear sign, our family fortunes could be altered, threatened.

A) I think that held its breath means that they were waiting for a sign.


B) I think that it means they were afraid if they didn’t find it soon something really bad would happen.


C) I think that the family were in a panic to find the sign she left behind.


D) I think that the grandson was the closest to her and they should ask him so they wouldn’t waste time and they could breathe a sigh of relief.

A) And so I think the boy meant the family were anxious to find her spirit.


B) And so I think he was right that the family were afraid that their fortunes would turn bad.


C) And so I think the family were scared they world would turn against them.

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