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by Susan A. Moran

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The following pages and activities have been based on those described in Harvey Daniel's  book "Literature Circles Voice and Choice in Book Clubs and Reading Groups".

I have reorganized or reinvented group and independent activities plus added rubrics for evaluation from the suggestions made in their book.

I gratefully thank Katherine L. Schlick Noe for her kind permission to use some of the ideas from her site.

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Teachers who wish to  encourage an enquiry method of learning for their students soon realize that Literature Circles fill the bill. The activities designed for  circles are high order, hands on tasks. The open-ended nature of the activities allow for easy adaptability to short stories, magazine article critiques, comparative essay study as well as the traditional novel study units. 

Literature Circles are a sound educational  option for teachers who wish to achieve true group collaboration during language arts novel study. If you are tired of students who find it hard to comprehend then you should consider using literature circles. 

Literature Circles require productive work from each group member. There is an accountability system built in  which encourages all  students to take charge of their own learning.


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