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  1. Choose a book by first reading the title and author. Then read the synopsis on the back cover. Next read the first two paragraphs. If you have more than five words in the first paragraph you do not understand than the book is not right for you. Trade it in and choose another.

  2. Record your name on the Sign Out Sheet

  3. Go to the procedure page.

  4. Next visit the role explanation page.

  5. abcteach  - Go here and print a planner for the week.

  6. G o here to learn about fictional prompts.     Krimsten Publishing

  7. Check out the Weekly Planner at the front of the class and make sure you follow it. Each day you follow the routine. Not all days are group days. So when it is a group day make sure you get into your groups as quickly and quietly as possible.

  8. Make sure you are writing nightly in your response section or reading. The expectation is that you do four or five chapters per week if they are short chapters and two if they are long. However, we are only doing Lit. Circles for four weeks so divide your book into manageable chunks so that you will finish on time. Also, you must have a journal entry 3/4 of a page per chapter.

  9. Usually we meet in groups twice a week.

  10. You are required to do individual activities and tests on your own. Often this is given as homework.

  11. Expectation Rubric


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