Exercises for the Novel you are Reading















              Reader's Workshop   


Leading the discussion for Weekly Meetings.

(Discussion Director)

Use the following steps to help you lead today’s Literature Circle meeting. Try to involve

2. Discuss Vocabulary

· Have each person share one word they selected. Ask them to read the sentence from the book which contained the word.

· Ask the group to make educated guesses about the word's meaning.

· Allow the person to give the dictionary definition and discuss its meaning in the context of the paragraph it is in.

· Does everyone agree that is the correct meaning? If so move to the next person in the group.

· What kinds of connections can you make between things that happened in the book and something in your own life?

6. Wrap Up

· Ask each group member to make predictions about what will happen next.

· Make sure everyone knows what the reading assignment is for the upcoming week.