Choose Your Own Project for the Novel

Choose three to five of the following suggestions to do when you finish your three books. [Your Mark will range from 3-5.]  I want you to choose the book that best suits the activity. Make good choices so that you will have a lot to say. For example; suppose you choose activity one. I would think about my three books, choose the character I feel the author gave the best qualities to ( from my three books) and I would write him/her a letter based on the things he/she did throughout the book. I would explain how I think he should or should not have acted and advise him what he should do now.

You should include pertinent information regarding the novel's literary elements, as well as their opinions and reactions. In addition, I would like you to be as creative as possible, tapping into areas beyond Language Arts.


Write a letter to one of the characters in the novel. Ask him/her questions as well as tell about yourself.
Rewrite a chapter or section of your novel from another character's point of view.
Pretend you are a newspaper reporter whose job is to interview one of the characters. Write your interview.
Develop a mini timeline for your novel.
Create a mini story wheel for your novel.
Design your own personal response. Remember to get your teacher's approval before you begin.
If you could change places with one of the characters, who would it be? Why?
Why did the author write this particular story? Express your opinion.
You have become a character in one of the novels. Describe your experience during a conflict.
Create a story chain for your novel that consists of at least ten links.
Which character is most like you? Why?
Design a story map for your novel. Include important information such as characters, setting, and the plot. Write a brief explanation of your map.
If the main characters from two different novels could actually meet, who would you want to meet with whom? Why? What would their meeting be like?
Summarize the plot by creating a cartoon version of the novel. Use about six to eight frames.
Write a poem about one of the novels. Touch on the characters, setting, plot, and theme.
Compare and contrast one of your novels with another that you have read for class this year or last. Remember to include how the novels are alike AND how they are different.
Re-design the front and back cover of your novel. Include the pertinent information as well as a blurb on the back.
Create a dioramas for your novel that depicts the most important scene. Write a summary of this scene, explaining its role in the storyline.
Create a newspaper page for one of the novels. Summarize the plot in one of your articles. Cover the weather in another. Include an editorial and a collection of ads that would be pertinent to the novel.
Move the setting of the story by changing the time and the place. What would the novel be like now?
Choose a familiar melody, such as Mary Had a Little Lamb, and change the lyrics so they pertain to the novel.
Rewrite a portion of the novel as a play.
Develop an award for your novel. Explain the criteria for the award and why this particular book was selected to receive it. A good place to start this project is by reading about the Newberry and Caldecott awards. Notice, too, the other awards particular books have been given.


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