Project Directions

Make Sure you have your name and the title of the book on this assignment when you pass it in!

1.Read![Remember to take notes on each chapter as you read.]

Read the first half of your book before completing this assignment. Make sure to divide your book into two equal parts. You can do this either by pages or by chapters. If you have three hundred pages; then when you reach 150 that would be half. If you have twenty chapters; stop after you read ten.

2. Summarize.

Write one summary of all the chapters you have read so far. Be sure to include  details about each character and each main event. This is your opportunity to show that you have understood what you are reading. Comment on the events, make connections between self and other novels and your world. (text-to-self; text-to-world; text-to-text)

3. Select Vocabulary Words.

Select 3-5 words or phrases per chapter. Explain the meaning in context and why these words or phrases were important to the main conflict in the story. Write the page of your novel where you found each word/phrase.  Do your best to tell why this word or phrase was chosen by the author.

4. Write Questions and Answers.

Think about the important points in any three chapters. Write five questions [per chapter] which allow you to demonstrate your understanding and interpretation of the events in each chapter. Make sure you answer all five in complete sentences. Use the Five Levels of Questioning sheet I have given you.

5. After you have finished the book, illustrate and tell about your favourite parts. Complete the Graphic Organizer-by drawing your favorite parts of the story and telling about them beside the drawing. Make sure your illustrations are detailed, colorful and meaningful. [you chose the most important parts] You will need three of these sheets so ask you teacher for them.

6. Hand in your written project with a cover page that shows the main idea in your book. Don't forget your information box (submitted to, submitted from , date) You may also



              Reader's Workshop