Rules for Literature Circle Discussion
  1. Complete the daily record sheets every day and put them into your group folder.
  2. During each chapter you must stop every time you encounter an unfamiliar word, write it down on the word wizard sheet, and look it up. Do this immediately. Make note of the page and paragraph.
  3. After each chapter (some groups after every two chapters) you must stop and complete the sentences for the word wizard and complete the summarizer sheets.
  4. After all students in the group have completed the " Word Wizard" And "Summarizer Sheets" then the Discussion Leader for the day must say, " Stop! Time to Discuss" and you then complete step 5.
  5. Each student in the group must take turns reading. TO begin: each student chooses two words from the Word Wizard sheet (all different words please). The first student tells the group the page and paragraph of his/her first word and all students in the group follow along as the sentence that contains the word is read. Then the student reads his/her meaning and explains what is happening in the sentence containing the word. The rest of the group comment on whether or not the person got the correct meaning. If not make sure you all figure out what the word really means. The student then fixes the mistake on the paper. He/she then reads the sentence he/she made and the rest of the group help the student to add to the sentence if it is short. The second student then follows the same procedure. When four words have been discussed the round of words starts over.
  6. The next step is everyone in the group reads their summarizer sheets. All students in the group are listening as the student reads. Did you miss anything in your summary that was important. If so write it down.


              Reader's Workshop