Weekly Schedule

Student performance is related to engagement in the task and high expectations.


How to Manage Literature Circles

  • Mini lesson author's purpose

  • Model reading strategy for the week

  • Introduce corresponding role sheet.

  • Group meetings Discuss weekend reading. Assign reading roles (discussion leader)


  • Teacher discussion of role sheets

  • Independent Reading and work on  word wizards and summaries.

  • Teacher Conferencing

  • Work on Story Maps (Sequence)


  • Group discussion and question making. Don't forget to record answers. 

  • Group Planning session.

  • Teacher mini lesson- text features or novel elements

  • Group work- each member performing the task that the role sheet describes.

  • Wrap-up: Share answers the last fifteen minutes of class. (No matter how much you finished)


  • Response writing to be completed in the Lit. Circle section of your Portfolio.

  • Make sure you follow the style described by your teacher:

  •  Reflect on what you read and describe why characters are doing things the way they are. 

  • Connect your life to theirs or make a connection to a book you read that resembles the character in this book

  • Predict something that will occur as a result of one character's actions

  • Ask questions you are wondering about.


  • The teacher will demonstrate how to do the activity sheets, journal writing, word associations and wizards during mini lesson days, as well as other concepts.

  • It is expected that you will be on your best behavior as you are given a daily mark.



              Reader's Workshop