Your Final Write- Up for your Literature Circle Novel

Make sure you have a cover page and you include your information box.

  • You must type or Write this final summary for each chapter of the last half of your book.  If you type these, use size 12 font and it should be one page long. If you Write it, it will be longer.
  • Use the information from the final half of your novel to write a letter to one of your characters. Make sure to use proper letter form. You should have at least on page typed for this letter.
  • In addition, find ten phrases or quotes that demonstrated significant parts of the plot where the characters are revealing important details that fill the reader in as to what is happening. Describe what the characters or these phrases mean to the development of the plot.
  • Find ten words from the final chapters. Do three things with these words. First write the sentence out of the book that contains the word.  Second write the meaning that goes along with the context of the sentence. Third write your own sentence using meaningful details from the book that highlight the main ideas in that part of the book.
  •  Complete two character sketch sheets on two main characters in your book. Make sure you follow the directions. Ask for help if you are unsure. Here are the sheets. One       Two




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