Grade 8B Where I am From Poetry

Where Iím From        Kyle

I am from second hand clothing and a line of great uncle  'war veterans'. I am from birch trees, mud pits, and ponds full of frogs.

From gravel driveways, steel chimneys and a sloping lawn. I am from a cozy house snuggled in the trees.

 From pizza and Pepsi, family photos in decorative photo holders I am from wet, flaky snow, that makes you feel light as air, but cold as ice.

 From hot beach days, building bustling buildings out of sand, stone, and sticks. I am from ferns, daisies, tulips, gladiolas and roses.

I am from baby barns, and massive, hot bonfires in the cold, harsh, calm, winter

 I am from fresh cut grass, and camera slideshows. From rotting, dead reptiles, and oil spills.

I am from macaroni and hotdog  suppers and if ďyou donít have anything good to say, donít say anything at allĒ.

 I couldnít be from a happier place.




Where Iím From              Emily .C.

I am from paper, from SINGER, and hubcaps. I am from uneven floorboards that creak like rusted hinges when stepped upon.

I am from roses and apple blossoms, veggie gardens and wild untamed streams.

 I am from crowded Christmas Eve celebrations and mule headed relatives from Jim Sandy, Mac Neil, and Blaine

 I am from the urge to assist when help is needed, and loyalties that last a life time.

 From ďeais, eaisĒ and ďIím going to sell you to the next gypsy that comes along."

 I am from tattered altar gowns that have seen better days, and long tranquil Saturday evening masses.

 I am from the serene mountains of Cape Breton and the rugged highlands of Scotland, from crisp homemade bread and mouth watering chocolate chip cookies that melt on your tongue.

 From a great grandmother still roaming our hallowed halls long after her passing, tucking us in and guarding the cribs of sleeping babes.

 I am from photo albumsóour windows into the pastóand a tiny porcelain tea set passed down from mother to daughter.

My life ahead is an open book.


Where Iím From           Matthew

Iím from sandy beaches, fish guts and lobster bands.

Iím from maple, birch and pine. Iím from wood chips flying everywhere.

Iím from friends laughing and joking around. From a house with five sisters here and there.

Iím from tourists driving their cars polluting the clean air.

Iím from the Freshmart a store And Mr. Noodle, twisted, salty and full of spice.

Iím from 53 first cousins and  11 double first cousins.

Iím from ice hopping and GTing. Iím from a brook splashing against jagged sides.

Iím from cleaning dishes and sweeping floors. From washing windows and tidying rooms.

Iím from Bell Express Vu channeling the evening away. Iím from Dell lost in the Age of Empires 3.

Iím from past coal mines heading out to sea.


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