Oran Poems

The following Poems appeared in the Inverness Oran for Poetry Month - April 2009

Ten a week were published.


Fantasy Author



makes it hard

to stay focused,

my hand aches,

my pen is drawing empty.


My brain strains

as I force myself to think,

to write creatively,

I finally jump into the zone-

I write the last sentence.


My pen scratches,

my paper ruffles and cracks.

I close my journal-


Keep working hard!


I think to myself-

a couple more years

I can go to a writer’s college,

and live my dream

to become



More famous




-Maggie C 8A

Losing Hope


In a second

you darted for the door

and never once looked back.

When I entered this world

you made a commitment to me:

that you’d be there for me through

all of the ups and downs,

and anything life threw at us.


You were my knight,

my protector,

my rock,

now all I see is terror in your eyes.

You promised I was safe.

But along the way you gave up,

snapped like a twig,

lost faith,

and now the red is oozing onto you:

staining you for life.

You think you’ve lost

but in my eyes the only time you really lose,

is when,

you stop,



-JA Clark 8A


Once a Happy Man


Walking down the
streets of Halifax—

lots of busy workers and cars


I start to walk faster

as the man with long greasy hair

pulling a cart



I hear a cough; then a sneeze

I glance back; the man is pulling

his jacket around him mumbling


I hear some change hit the ground

I look as he dives and scoops it up

I look away disgusted as ever


As he passes

I notice some frames

filling his cart


In each was a picture

of three beautiful children

And a man all dressed up


He turns down a dirty alley

In one glimpse

I see everything


I walk down the

streets of Halifax

knowing that

once he was a happy man

 - Alexandra M I 8A



At snack time,

sugary desserts are the only things

sweetening my thoughts.

My imagination cooks up

delicious mental pictures:

Swirl pops that taste like

the sweetest and fluffiest cotton candy

in the world.

Jiggly Jell-O with a mountain

of whip cream the size of Everest,

and cookies with chocolate chips

the size of gumdrops.

With these tempting thoughts

in my mind,

I tear open my lunch bag.

Crash! My imaginary sugar high

shatteres to pieces.

Everyone, including my senses,

shriek “Eww! What is that?”

The only logical answer:

My taste buds doom.

It was the ickiest food

I’ve ever seen.

Ugh…a tuna fish sandwich.

My taste buds scream

and my face twists

into a look of disgust

when I take my first bite.


-         Ali C Grade 7A


Beach Day



The sun gleams on my tanned face

My footsteps melt away with the

roar of the ocean tide


The sand fleas jump around

like ballerinas
The tide runs in and out,

leaving me

stranded on a sandbar


The smell of a rancid seagull

taunts my nose

The pebbles like velvet beneath my feet                


I splash through the crystal

ocean water
The cool water calms

my sun burnt skin


I rest on a sun warmed rock
The sun beams down and dries

my wet body
A young dog shakes its soaked

blanket of fur- I am wet again

The sun gleams on my tanned face
My footsteps melt away with

the roar of the ocean tide


The sand fleas jump around

like ballerinas

The tide runs in and out

leaving me stranded on a sandbar.

-Abbie Jean B8A

Golden Eyes



Faster than any moving object.

Like a car on caffeine,

Except faster



Stronger than any animal to ever exist.

Like a professional wrestler

Only stronger



The definition of beautiful,

Tall, dark hair, pale…

Golden eyes that scream


Golden eyes.

Like a unicorns shining blood,

Flowing like a world pool in their iris,










We’re all the same


I start at the beginning of the line,

With steam rising from the pots

Heating up the room.


I make space for my tray

And I stay close with my friends

On the other side of the room

From where the dark shadow stands


His serious face

Moves across my view -

the tray gripped in his dark pale hands.


He moves up the line

Still the serious face -gets his food

And heads in my direction


 I look away- a few feet from me,

He stops and talks with another guy

They laugh as they walk away


He sits down but doesn’t start to eat,

-closes his eyes and folds his hands.


I stare at him sitting there

with his eyes shut

whispering low.


I get closer to the end of the line,

the steam rises from the pots

Heating up the room

I catch sight of him.


We’re all the same.

- Flora S  8A         

Best Friends

Seasons may change
Pictures may fade
But this person
Is here to last

They’ll be by your side
Through thick and thin
These people aren’t just people
They’re from your future, present, and past

They walk with you
Talk with you
Hang with you
Make you laugh

They were there for the break ups
And there for the make ups
They’ll be there for you
Until the very end

These people are no ordinary people
They know what’s inside
They know you, you know them
These people are your best friends.

-Jocelyn MD
Grade 7B




Game Time my mind keeps questioning  

-over-and-over again what game should

I play today?

Maybe scrabble or cards – hey a puzzle-       

oh how I hate puzzles- there is always one piece  

missing or the pieces don’t fit     


Puzzles are like annoying little brothers that   

never leave you alone, once you start a puzzle 

you usually want to finish it to see what it turns 

 out like


The puzzle pieces yell at me with their whinny 

 little voices saying “No, No I don’t go there” or  

 “Hey that’s my spot”  

I try to fit these rough cardboard pieces- they 

still won’t click! Wow,

those puzzle pieces get mad at you

-not as mad as a monkey without its banana 


Puzzles are great birthday gifts like flowers and  

old books -you feel like you accomplished 

something after you finish -like getting  

 100% on a test


And at the end they look really nice- like

a summer’s day- the puzzle   

pieces blossom together into a beautiful sunflower


 I close the box -the stressful odor of puzzles flow

out of my mind and life is good again


I wonder what game I’ll play next time maybe 

cards………..Oh how I hate cards! 


Jasmyn MD 7A

The Blue River


So many rocks lie below


The fast moving
Blue River


Filled with jumping fish


Running through the forest


   - Greg MD 8A



Now That you’re Gone

Why hasn’t the world
stopped spinning?

How can some people
still manage to laugh?

How will we go on
now that you’re gone?

Who will finish the story
you started telling me that night?

And who will comfort Nana
Now that you’re gone?



 - Christina O’C 7B


The Gulley


In summer
squirrels scramble up and down the gulley

And rain makes the mud run

Making it hard to walk down

And the small stream floods

And rushes through the fallen leaves and twigs.


In fall

leaves cover the small path

that leads to the narrow log over the stream

as the leaves fall, the stream eats them up.

The old broken tree house with one small window

Is buried by leaves

And patches of green fade to brown.


In winter

The ground hardens,

The log becomes icy, making it hard to walk across.

The wind howls, making the tree house whine.
The leaves freeze to the ground,

cracking as I step on them.


In spring

the mud runs again

and the leaves return, dressed in green


-Noah MD

Where I’m From


I am from Underarmour,

from super Mario bros

and Nintendo.

I am from the black,

twirled chair,

in my ocean set room

I am from coral reef

sitting in the bottom of the ocean

and the baby blue waters.

I am from Mull food,

and hockey games,

and MacDonald and Beaton

I am from the day I was born

and all my birthdays.

From rock-a-by-baby

and   shhh…

I am from church,

Alter serving,

and playing my fiddle.

I am from Mabou,

Bacon and eggs,

And chicken fingers.


-Maggie B 8A



Where I’m From  


I am from novels,

From Baikal to Bobcat.

I am from the dairy barn and prairies,

From the fields and singing maples.


I am from the tractors that roar,

Towering timber and trapping.

I am from the bailer that broke my ankle.


I am from the odor of diesel and oil,

Artifacts from heroes

I am from experiences that screech

Like an owl.


I am from the jagged scar on my knee,

Rifles that scream

From varmints and stags that bolt when seen.


I am from chests engulfed in

Pictures, passports and a pistol.

They hold remnants of

Great memories that are long gone.

I am from Walter and ancestors

Who swim through the generations.


 - Bruce S  8A



Game time. Nerves going crazy in my belly.

I skate down the ice-easy as an NHL’er.

I feel sweat running down my body.

I’m pretty tired.

I get close to the goalie

I shoot. I score!!!!!

The crowd goes wild.


2nd period- many hits - I hear the crowd

Cheering as my team is tied

With Cape Breton County: 1-1

We get into penalty trouble.

I’m scared. I need to relax.

We take another penalty-

the box door slams.

Coach says: “Relax it was a mistake-it happens”.

5 seconds left:  County  shoots

- it hits the goal post!

2nd period over!


3rd  period:  ringing posts.

We get on a power play- “Oh goodie!”

Our captain scores! 2-1 for us!

1:38  left. 6-on-4 with no goalie for County. We dump it down.

With 00:00 on the clock the game is over WAHOO!

We’re going to Provincials!


-Liam MD   7A



What happened to you?

Where’s my knight in shining armor?

We were supposed to be happy.

Why did you do it?

You messed up this time.

I wish we could take it all back,

But we can’t.

I tried to forget.

I forgive you.

But what will happen next time?

Will it get worse?

Who knows?

I know you’re trying.

But sometimes trying just isn’t enough.

I’m scared

-Ainslie S  7A

The Heroes


Where are the heroes of our time?

The ones I believed in?

The ones I put my faith in?

The tall Ones

The small ones

The ones that are there for you

And everyone around you

The ones that are there to help

Not for glory and praise

Where are they?

Where are you?

Come out of hiding,

And do what is right.


- Mikylah G- 7A


 A Rainbow

Down in the dark
mist you see the
most brilliant colors
and the sun peeking
out of the clouds.

Reddest of reds
bluest of blues
these are the colors
of rainbows.

May the rain fall
softly above your head

the breeze cool on your skin and the
rainbow take your
breathe away.

Yellowiest of yellows
greenest of greens
these are the colors
of rainbows.

The clouds and
your rainbows have
gone. But your
faith remains until
you find your next


-Emily R 7B



You’re loved!


I Love you, I miss you, I wonder

why did you leave me?

Who did this to you?

How could I let you go?

What caused this to happen?

Why would they do that to me?

I still wonder, I still miss you,

I still love you K.C.!

-Morgan Mac Isaac, 7B


What’s in my Journal


sayings and owl city,
not exactly what you would
find in trendy magazines.

Unreal and unknown

summer memories;

 two men in the tub,

bridge diving, pizza chucking.


Adequate moments

not worth remembering.


voices I've heard too much.

 Thewind screaming in my ear.

whooshing in my face

and hilarious flashes.


Someone close declaring
"You cant erase crayons,
or memories."


-Mary M  8B


Friends are amazing, yes wonderful things,              

even in winter, it will feel like spring


They’ll cry when you need it,

and laugh with you too,        

and be with you always,

when the hard day is through


Sometimes you might argue,

maybe you’ll fight,

but if your friends are true,

things will be alright.

Friends stick like glue,

you know that they will,

and when a friend is gone,

there’s a hole you can’t fill


So choose your friends wisely,

make the picks right,

and when you need it,

you’ll have a shoulder to cry on all life

-Theresa M 7B


Just a rope


I understand,

That you’re confused

But only pieces of her heart are left,

From the rest that you have used.


You tell me how you miss her,

How you want to be her friend,

But her heart is just a rope,

And you have reached the end.


But over and over,

She extends the rope,

Wishing on a shining star,

That the future will bring hope.


But you’re afraid of getting judged,

So again you leave,

Leaving her to cry,

All over my sleeve.


I understand,

That you’re confused,

But only pieces of her heart are left,

From the rest that you have used.


-Abigail Rose G 8B

Where I’m from

I am from the red hot sunset

sinking behind Port Hood island

after a shouting day of summer.

I am from the sweet confusing

taste of cotton candy
And the raging ringing

of the hockey game.

I am from the whoosh

of the wintry
Breeze like

the cold in Alaska.

I am from lazy teenagers

with a messy room

and a mind of its own

I am from the Christmas nights
Spent at Aunt Debbie’s.

I am from the pretty

awful days
Of intense learning.

I am from the dream

you dreamt last night
That you can’t seem to remember....

   - Kezi L 8B

Far Away

No one matches the skill
of Kobe Bryant-
the easy shot,
the lay up,
it's all so effortless!

No one matches the skill
of Kobe Bryant-
his dangles, his jump
ball and three pointer,
he's the best!

No one matches the skill
of Kobe Bryant-
He can dribble,
he can pass,
he's got ability!

No one matches the skill
of Kobe Bryant-
but maybe some day

-James R 8B


I Will

there's nobody as good as
Alexander Ovechkin
he handles the puck like a wizard
end to end
from the blade of the stick to the back of the net
scoring goal after goal

no one is as good as
Alexander Ovechkin
from hard smashing hits
to saving the game with

a mind boggling goal
he is "Alexander the great"

no one is as good as
Alexander Ovechkin
the highlight reel goals
the crazy fast skating
always getting better
always changing

no one is as good as
Alexander Ovechkin
but someday
i will

   - Colby ME 8B


The River


In spring,

the children greet you,

at the edge of the thawing ice,

ridding ice burgs like a roller coaster,

down the bank while

you try to tip us off


In summer

like a big warm pool

your banks filled with people

swimming and fishing

while the wind

stirs you up and

everything in you


In fall

your shadowy water

chills us right to the bone

as we hope our fun

won’t come to an end,

while the snow starts to fall

you die out and wait


In winter

your water freezes over

and become as hard as marble

the snow covers you like a blanket

while you wait for

everything to wake up


— Kayle C 8B


The gazelle is famous to the lions.

The conscience is famous to the mind,
that knew what would happen
before you even said it.

The chained up dog is famous to the cat,
barking loudly from the doghouse.

The tissue is briefly famous

to the nose.

The ideas you carry in your head-
are famous to your head.

The axe is famous to the wood,
yet, less famous than the saw
which is famous to the whole forest.

The CD is famous to the artist
and not famous to the stereo

that plays it.

I want to be famous to anyone
who waves when you walk their way,
helping people who need aid,
famous like the person who waved back.

I want to be famous the way a story
is famous to the author,
not because it is too great

to explain,
but because it was a dream

they accomplished.

-Tylisha G 8B

Does she Know?

i see her
she stands out in a crowd
she sips a bottle of water
accompanied by two saltines

but as she engulfs them
i swear, i could see her skin suffocating,
her frail bones,

the saltines slide down her esophagus.
she’s what i call anorexic

a person who is thin, but can't see it

through their own eyes;
a person whose clothes hang off of them,
yet they still think their body is too big;
a person who thinks they are

ugly and sometimes worthless.

she sees me
i can't help but stare
why would she put herself
through this
does she know there is something

I turn my head for a moment
for when i look back the anorexic girl,

flips through a book:
"Has Anorexia Taken Over YOUR life?”

i see her
she stands out in a crowd
she sips a bottle of water
accompanied by two saltines.
she knows something is wrong.
will she help herself?

   - Jillian MM, Grade 8B


His amazing riffs,
and powerful chords.
The epic sudden change in pitch
thought to summon Satan,
his music like a wild thrill ride.
Partnered with the father of heavy metal,
without him there would be no,
Marilyn Manson, Slipknot,
or Metallica.
He is Toni Iomi,
and when I grow up, I’m going

to be better than him,
my axe will scream louder than his
I’ll leave Toni in the dust.
My shredding skills,
my riffs, my hammer-ons, and pull-offs,
the buzzing of the strings, will soar.


I am
going to be

By Duncan MN 8A






The black scratch-plate
Shinning in the light

The rosewood fret board
Which meet the fingers that play it

The steel strings that buzz
Like a bee

- Dylan MN 8A


But Maybe

No one matches the skill of Brandon lee

The far kicks

From end to end

Player to player

Dropping them one after another


No one matches the skill of Brandon lee

From being lazy

To playing hard

The huge grade 8

Is unstoppable


No one matches the skill of Brandon lee

The large object

A fast runner

Always booting the balls in the woods

Always stopping people


No one matches the skill of Brandon lee

But maybe some day

I will


-Jeremy H 8A



 The Dog’s Toy

is old and

ready to fall

soaked, completely
with dog drool

but, never gets
boring, to a dog.

  - Anthony MD

Totally Worth It


How did people with messed up teeth

Or overbites

Get so lucky?


Ever since I can remember,


Were the coolest.

It was dumb

But those colors on your teeth

Were so neat

And changing every month

Was even better.


Think: These little

Metal squares with

Colorful elastics

Holding the thin wire in place.

I would look real sharp.

I could see my teeth now

Perfect little pearls.

So cool.


Being called

Train tracks or

Metal mouth

Wouldn’t be that bad.

All of those lucky people

That had braces

Called me nuts

And told me

Braces are horrible.

But I still wanted them

No matter what.


Now that I’ve dealt

With these awful things

I remember this

And say to myself

Boy was I wrong

Because now

With my strait teeth

I can say

Braces were that bad

But they were totally

Worth  it.

-Caitlin ML8A

That Leaf

In spring
The branches stretch you out,
To touch the sky,
The rain pitter patters,
As the clouds cry out
And quench your thirst.

In summer,
When the sun is beating down
And your company leaves,
You soak up the sun
While you can
But soon
You will wilt away.

In fall
You beg to stay,
But the wind blows too hard
Slowly and painfully,
You fall,
As you're walked on
No longer appreciated.

In winter
You're nowhere to be found
Gone from our sight,
You wished to stay
but didn't get your way,
No more gorgeous-
Colorful leaves.

-Shania MM 8B



The Shot

The pain makes it hard.
Holding the stick is nearly impossible
My hands kill
The motion of the stick raw the skin

Only fifty more
My mind focuses to finish
Sweat drips from my forehead
I keep slamming away at the pucks,
One by one

I tell myself to keep going
I keep on going

I tell myself
only one more step
Great one

-Brandon MK 8B


Dion Phaneuf


No one matches the skill

of Dion Phaneuf —

the long strides he takes

from blue line to blue line,

end to end,

knocking out opponents left and right.


No one matches the skill

of Dion Phaneuf—

from pond hockey

to old timers,

the ex-world junior

is unreal.


No one matches the skill

of Dion Phaneuf—

the bone crushing hits,

always unexpected,

always unique.


No one matches the skill

of Dion Phaneuf,

but I know

I will.


      - Shawn C 8B

Puck Stops Here

Make it difficult
To hold my stick,
my hand shakes.

The puck stops
At my goalie pads,
filled with excitement
I freeze it. There’s a
face off to my left.

Skates carve up the ice
as the ‘Away Team’
approaches. I watch the
crowd hoping for a
scout to be there.

The puck stops like a
rock in my glove. The ref
blows the whistle. We win.
Close game. I congratulate

After the game I walk
down the hallway. A man
In a suit stops me and says
”Good game out there!”

I feel a sudden rush
go through my spine.

         -Brett Md

My Life

Six pedals.
One by one fall to the ground,
I get watered,
New pedals grow
But soon fall again,
I regain my strength
But loose it quickly
I do my best
To keep the pedals on,
I know I can, I know I can
One week, I am still strong,
Beautiful and have six pedals
One month standing tall
Peeking over all the other plants
In the garden,
I am proud
I hold my stem firm,
Each pedal up high,
The more water I get the higher I grow,
Taller and taller,
Now towering above the rest,
I am confident,
I am unique,
I am myself six pedals and all.

      -Molly R


Where I’m From


I am from dirt bikes

From four wheelers and Hondas

I am from dusty back roads

and piercing thorns on the stem.


I am from animals rushing around

And being late for the school bus

From “brush your teeth” and ‘pick up your toys”


I am from clanging church bells on Saturday nights

I am from Glencoe Station.


I am from turkey and juicy lobster suppers.


I am from a huge family

My roots extend all the way from England, Cheticamp and Ontario.


- Brittany C


Do Or Die Moment


I hear the crowd roar
Like an angry lion in the distance
Butterflies in my stomach
Is an understatement

A man comes in
He says 5 minutes
He could have been my father
And I would not have known
My heart is twisting and turning
Like a Cirque due Soleil act

I am ready
I hope
I am plagued with self-doubt
I grip the seat
With a death hold

I prepare to walk out
To meet my destiny
To find out my meaning
Do-or-die moment.

 - Greg MM 8B

I Stand Tall


I stand tall
might my wall crumble
My spirit still high
My heart still humble

I stand tall
Might my life flash and planes crash
My family in dread
My friends safe in their beds

I stand tall
Is it the end
I do not look back on who is gone
But look forward to who has begun

I stand tall
I do not cower in fear
I do not shred a tear

I stand tall
Might my wall crumble
My spirit still high
My heart still humble
Might my life flash and planes crash
Friends no longer safe in bed
Family now but dead

I did not shred one tear
Even though I sill cower in fear
Because I know it’s the end
But I do not look back on who is gone
I look forward
To who has begun



The Dream to Spike


Bump, volley, spike.

The magical combination

To unlock the power.




Ankles rolling

Shrieks from the ball

Nearly touching the cold

Wet, floor.


The final serve.

Nerves crawling

frantically throughout

my tired, wiped body.

Hit, it’s over the net.

We are the dazzling team


Who will win the court over?


It soars over the net

players scramble with deep

curiosity over the destination of the ball.

The player positions herself,

wraps the ball with her forearm

It’s over, way over.

It hits the floor.



The end.

It’s the love of the sport

That keeps us moving.


Erica MI 8A

Emily Blackworth Doesn’t Remember


not all scars show

not all smiles are true

do you know the real Emily

because she doesn’t remember you?


the day her door almost closed

was the day she gave up her soul

she blocks out all the bad things

she went through before,

now the only thing she sees is

the cold dark floor.

the deep scar that is planted in her throat

is the reason she is sitting here

in this empty bland room,

she wanted to end her only chance at living

they put her away to solve all her problems

but now she is just another problem

to someone else who is just a know it all.


Do you know Emily because she doesn’t remember you?


-Drew S



Makes it difficult

to pay attention.

My head hurts.

My eyes kill.


My pencil scratches the paper

as I force myself to finish this poem.

My mind is a blur of thought,

almost oblivious to the whole classroom,

I write another line.


My mind changes from blur to fuzz,

while the teacher keeps on mumbling.


I say to myself

one more line to







  -James O’B

All Season Wonderland

In fall
the rainbow-like
leaves fall
through your beach ball
sized windows,
as the squirrels
scurry over your head.

In winter
when the wind blows
fiercely, your windows
shut tightly as the snow
buzzes about like mosquitoes
in the dark night.

In the spring

when the flowers
bloom all over the
painted grass with many colors, like a
quilt, you keep
the bumble bees out.

In the summer
when the sun beats against
the rough wood, its
yellow tongue burning
hot as fire
you are the shade

Where I am.

-cristie mc


A New Perspective

Dragging through the sand
a world full of umbrellas
a sun burning star slowing me down.

I tighten my toes
so my sun-attracting black

flip-flops don’t fall off.

I see people in line dying of dehydration
as the man in front takes
his grand old time.

He turns his head from side to side
slowly pointing out what he would like.
I observe closely.

He stands there choosing

in a pair of sandals, Gucci sunglasses,

and silk trunks.
He gets handed 10 bottles of water,

3 bags of chips and
one ice cream cone.

I look at him in amazement
thinking at how greedy a person
can be.

But as he turns around he hands
out each bottle of water to
a person dying of dehydration.

I look in shock. He looks at me
and smiles as if he knew

what I was thinking of him before.

I drag on
through the sand
a world full of umbrellas
a sun burning star slowing me down

inching ahead

with a new perspective.

   - Jillian MM, Grade 8B

Roll Up The Rim


Once the endeavor was possible

Now that was once possible

It’s more likely that pigs will fly

It’s like a broken record

always repeating itself

The odd one out will complete the task

When the endeavor is complete

what you receive is quite small

It gets quite frustrating

Involves no skill

Much luck

And much patience

The prize can make a big difference


      -Finley R 7B


  Childish Dreams


Do you remember

those childish dreams?

Where you had superpowers,

or where you were a star,

maybe even a princess?

I had those dreams

but my favorite one was where

I could fly.


Imagine: two inhumanly glorious wings

that pop out at my command

So I can fly

as fast as a speeding bullet

And be graceful as a crane,

Flying above those white puff balls;

just me and the sky.



I guess when my friend said,

“that’s impossible”

I should have listened

But I was as stubborn as a donkey

 and refused to let those words

bring me down.


My parents thought I was suicidal

My neighbors ran away from me.



        Nicole C8B

Long Dream

Makes it hard
To grip the wheel.
Holding it in a death grip,
always turning the same direction,
around an oval
at 200 miles per hour

The crowd roaring,
Like a pack of hounds
As I round the final turn
on lap 499
and zoom across the finish line
like hurricane winds.


I wake out of my trance,
Another dream to become


Neal B. 8B


 A Head

Nothing but an

shape on a
pivotal Stump

Yet the

Of all thoughts


A terrific

A refueling
of the mind,

Something we

Like a drug,
but when

it comes time
to do it,

We Can't.

White Board

I gaze

at your glossy
white finish.

marked by

different markers
and pens.

You're only an

but you hold

knowledge than
any other man


A nice pair
of shoes,

Dangle from a
telephone wire,

but what

Surely that
won’t help

get them on.


   -Clayton MD 8A