Language Arts- 8A & 8B  

 38 minute class                   


  • Poem on overhead

  • Extra handouts from last week

  • (developed by Coralie Cameron)

  • Homework Poem

Topic:  Poetic devices (review) and poetry reading work

Purpose:  The purpose of this lesson is to review the poetic devices we have looked at in previous lessons.  This lesson is also arranged to allow students to finish working on their poetry reading projects, set to occur in the next few days.


·        Students will understand that ideas can be represented in more than one way and used with other forms of representing.

·        Students will identify various features and elements writers use when writing for specific purposes and for effect.

Prior knowledge:

Students have a good grasp of poetry in a general sense.  Students have worked in pairs to create posters about poetic devices; students also presented the poetic device posters to the class and poems were read orally for students to identify the poetic device.


Introductory activity (3-5 minutes)

I will begin by reading a poem [Homework] aloud to students, as I have been trying to read poetry each day before we begin.  I will remind students that they are to hand in their poem they have chosen for this weeks’ poetry reading.  I will remind students of the requirements of their chosen poem and the oral reading. 


Developmental activities (20-25 minutes)

Activity #1 (10 minutes)

Students will be reminded of their quiz upcoming on Wednesday.  As a review, I will ask students to look at their definitions of poetic devices (handout from last week.)  I will then use 2 poems/ song lyrics on the overhead and ask students to identify poetic devices in the poem.  We will try to review a number of poetic devices. 

Activity #2 (15-20 minutes)

After the review of poetic devices, I will ask students to use the rest of the class to work on their poetry reading; either finalizing what they will say, or choosing a poem from the wide variety of books provided.  As students are looking through texts, I will circulate to discuss their project with students or hand out corrected assignments/ rubrics.

Closure (5 minutes)

Students will be reminded of the activities of the upcoming week, the quiz and the poetry reading and told to come and speak to me if they have any concerns or questions.



Student responses during the review of poetic devices will be the main form of assessment regarding that aspect of the class.  Student questions and comments in regards to the poetry reading will also allow me to judge how students are preparing for that assignment to be held on Wednesday.  Students may need assistance in choosing or interpreting their poem or may need more time before they present.
Poems/ song lyrics that may be used during this class include: