Poetry Tasks Grade 8

Task 1

There will be no more than four in a group.

You and your group will perform a poem in front of the class. It would be advisable to have a long poem so that all group members have a part to perform. Poems with more than one character would be best. I would like groups of three. Begin to look for poems in the section of the web site where it says American Poets... or use the poetry books in the classroom.

Find a famous poem by a famous poet. Copy this poem into your word processor (lotus or office) and use a special font like Storybook and then decorate the page.

Make sure each member of the group has a copy of the poem.

Practice the poem together. You will present this poem to the class and describe the following after the presentation. Each person will take three questions to answer while in front of the class.

It is up to the group to choose their sentences. Be Fair and allow each person a chance to say why they could do the question. It is to your benefit as a group to take the questions you know you can do a good job on. Use the back of your poem to answer the questions you chose.

1. Why did your group choose this poem?

2. In what three ways can you connect to this poem?

3. Where did this poem take place? What do you imagine the setting of this poem is like?

4. Find the figurative language in this poem . Say the line orally and tell what type of figurative language is demonstrated.

5. What questions would you ask the author if you could meet him?

6. Write about how this poem has affected you as you read this poem.

7. What is the theme of this poem?

8. Draw a visual depiction of this poem. That is the image you see after or during reading of the poem.

9. Describe the images the audience should have pictured as you read the poem.

10. Describe the tone of this poem and pick out the parts that demonstrate the tone. Read this to your audience.

11. Pick out the lines that meant something to you as you read each one tell how you connected to them.

12. Describe something that made you emotional in this poem.

 Remember this is a group presentation so it is important everyone is working cooperatively and consistently.


Task 2

This is an individual project. You must make a shape book for your personal poetry and include 10 to 15 of your own poems.

Now it is your turn to write. Make a section called POETRY in your portfolio. This is where you will write your own poems. It is like a journal of poetry. Therefore you must date each entry in your poetry journal.

There are many types of poems. I will teach you a poem a day and discuss each poem with you. You will then try your hand at writing that particular type of poem. There will be many types of poems.

If you wish to know how to write even more types of poems -Begin here for Types of Poems. -

You can also go to the pages in the left frame on my website to learn about different types of poems.

You will  write your poems about things that happen in your life.

I want you to write one or more poems per day. I will check each day to see how many you have practiced.

I don't want all the same type done over and over in your poetry section.  Please choose a variety to practice.

From this journal you will choose 10 to 15 of your favorites. You will include them in your poetry shape book. For example suppose you choose to draw a violin. You will cut out ten violin shapes, type the poem inside the shape- by using a program called Inspirations.

Then decorate each page to match whatever the theme or images in your poem are for that page. I have examples to show you. Make sure you check these out. This is due December. 16, 2008.

Make sure you are quietly on task. You are allowed to have a peer helper that is why you are arranged in pairs. However, each partner must have written something so that you are both able to discuss some of your poem and give each other feedback.

It is important  that you are on task and not talking about things that do not concern your poem.

I want both partners looking for things like:

  • length of lines

  • use of pauses

  • use of EM Dashes

  • how you use questions

  • how figurative language is used

  • sensory images included

  • tone in your poem

  • your voice

  • your theme

  • types of words you choose to use to enhance your writing

  • type of interesting phrases you use

  • cadence within your poem

  • rhymed or not? Is this consistent?


Task 3

You (individual) will also keep a biography section on some of the authors (2- or more) that you have encountered while researching Task 1. Or just find two of your favorite poets.

This project will be done in conjunction with your shape booklet and will be handed in the following week your shape book is due.

You are expected to do a biography on each poet you have come to admire.(3- or 4) Each biography should be one full page typed, size 12 font (not bold) Times New Roman Font.

Please be able to name at least three poems by each author. In your biography name their most famous poems and try to find out information about why they wrote them.

Consider writing the author if he/she is alive today and asking them some questions. Be original in finding information about each author. Use more than one source. Examples: Internet, library books, encyclopedias, radio/TV programs, newpapers etc

Have a reference page at the end. Cite your sources.