Poetry Project One

Take five minutes to think about and then write a response to the following prompts:

1. Poetry is . . .
2. The subject of a poem should be .....                                                                         3. I think poetry . . .
4. I wish poetry . . .                                                                                                      5.  I think the theme in a poem should . . .

The Following is to be completed in groups of three

  • Gwendolyn MacEwen: Mythical Poet Gwendolyn MacEwen was born in Toronto in 1941. During her childhood she struggled with her mother's mental illness. Retreating into a world of myth, Gwendolyn taught herself languages, including Greek and Latin, and became fascinated with Ancient Greek culture. She lived a life of travel, doing odd jobs and marrying intriguing men, such as another Canadian poet, Milton Acorn. She won the Governor General's Award twice, once for her Lawrence of Arabia poems. She died in 1987 at a young age.


  • TASK: Read one of Gwendolyn's Poems . Pick out the images that mean something to you. Write a response to this poem. We will share the responses in class. What imagery do you see, feel, taste or smell in her poem? Did you find any figurative language?
  • I want you to get together in your group and create a list of your responses. Write them on one side of the large paper I will give you. For example 1. Poetry is.... generate the list. 2. The subject of poems should be.... generate the list. ETC. Please have a discussion about your views for each answer. Then flip the sheet over and come to consensus on the best answer from the whole list for each of the five topics above.
  • I am using a Nancie Atwell's lesson. Please go to this page and begin the lesson. Read the left side first to get the gist of the lesson. Then follow the instructions for the activity.
  • Learn how to write an elegy. Follow the instructions on my page.
  • Follow the instructions to learn to write a List Poem.