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Where I am From               Ashley

I am from ancient Disney movies, Speed Racer, rusty Hot Wheels and school bags, forever waiting in the porch.

I am from gleaming picture windows, sky lights as bright as angels, and an ever silent country side, that gets a little lonely.

I am from stumbling baby calves, foggy frog ponds, beautiful birches, maples, and gardens full of fiery flowers.

I am from Heukshorsts and Beatons, Holland and Scotland, Both sides slightly headstrong, and easy to love.

I am from Grandma and Grandpa’s magical candy jar, Great Oma and Opa’s leprechaun-like peppermints, and Oma and Opa’s terribly delicious home made soup.

From the only words I ever seem to hear, "Ashley, we need milk,” and the most commonly spoken, “Who’s going to the barn?”

 I am from Oly Bolin on New Year's Eve, Brinta for a belated breakfast, (something I never really liked,) and from mouth watering, Chocolade Hagislaig sandwiches.

I am from photos of great ancestors, most of whom I’ve never met, From priceless videos of us long ago, and my obscurely small toy Ozo, whom I could never go to sleep without.

I am from childhood memories.





Where I’m From                                             Iain                                                                   

 I am from Hockey sticks,                                sports gear and school books                             that have seen better days.

I am from the blue ocean sparkling and shimmering in the brilliant sunlight,                       I am from small apple trees and glowing  red fruit.                                              

I am from Christmas parties and Mom’s constant nagging to do things and Dad’s "No staying up late on school nights."

I am from Dad’s strange food and my sisters' teasing and hurtful words.

I’m from “Supper's Ready!” And “Jesus Mary and Joseph”. From St Peter’s Catholic Church and dull Sunday morning sermons.

I am from “urban” Port Hood and the Scottish Highlands. From fouragh on Halloween and Dad’s homemade biscuits.

From William Gillies’ voyage from Scotland to war stories of past relatives and my Dad’s stories from across the world.

I am from a house packed filled to the rafters, with stacks of photo albums, to endless slideshows from across the world and mementos which have been passed down through the generations.

I wouldn’t trade where I’m from for anything in the world.



Where I am From              Mitch MI

I am from hockey sticks
From dirt bikes and backhoes
I am from fireplaces where you put your dreadfully cold shoes to Get summer-time dry.

I am from plants in the front yard
From two little trees by each step.

I am from big turkey dinners on Thanksgiving and Christmas and  Church every Christmas Eve in Glencoe.

From Alec Hughie, Mac Innis and Macintyre's too.

I am from "How she mackin'er and g'day boy." From "Never take candy from a stranger and look both ways when you cross the road."

I am from the Catholic Book of Worship and Church every Saturday night or Sunday morning.
I'm from Halifax with Nana's addictive mince meat pie and Mom's apple crisp that is to die for on blustery winter nights.

From snow up to my Grandpa Roddie's knees and his sister Marcella right there helping him up because he is too tired.

I am from family albums stacked underneath the couch to keep from getting ruined and pictures on the wall of great grandparents that I long to meet.

I glimpse for a while and know that I wouldn't have it any other way.



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