Writing a List Poem


Some of the most interesting poems are nothing more than lists of things.  Start by thinking of an interesting place in your house that has an unusual assortment of things in it to write about.  Consider one of these suggestions (the top shelf of a closet; under a bed; the corner of the basement; the pocket of a winter coat; an old box in the garage; the kitchen junk drawer; etc) Make that your opening line.  The rest of the poem is just a list of the items you find there.


Line 1 What’s in the _________________ [name the place]
Line 2  ______________________[name and describe item 1]
Line 3  ______________________[name and describe item 2]
Line 4  ______________________[name and describe item 3]
Line 5  ______________________[name and describe item 4]
Line 6  ______________________[name and describe item 5]
Line 7  ______________________[name and describe item 6]
Line 8  ______________________[name and describe item 7]
Line 9  ______________________[name and describe item 8


What’s in the old battered trunk
One rusty barreled gun from 1884
A tattered powder less shot box
Pieces of curly, dried out animal pelts
Knotty, rat-chaw rope that will never tie again
Stained clothes, too worn-out from use
Tired money and out-dated recipes
Twonie-sized pennies
Smelly tobacco dissolving into black liquid