Independent Activities For Reader's Workshop                        


developed and designed by Susan Moran


Choose one activity to complete and hand in typed [ or hand written on unlined paper]. However, use pen to handwrite the good copy. Whatever activity you do choose I must be able to assess your comprehension of the book using these criteria.

Write a letter to one of the characters in the novel. (Use Proper letter form) Discuss actions in the book and Ask him/her questions as well as offer any advice you can. Size 12 font! One full page. Four or more paragraphs for top marks. If you could change places with one of the characters, who would it be? Why? Full explanation- including story details to support your reasons. 3/4 to full page long.
Which character is most like you? Why? Use story details for support.[3/4 to full page.] Create a poster advertising the book.   Write an explanation below the poster of what part in the book this is from or what you included and why. 3/4  to a full page. 
 Choose a familiar melody-any song that has a catchy rhythm- and change the lyrics so they pertain to the novel. Perform your song in front of the class.
Rewrite a chapter or section of your novel from another character's point of view. {One or two pages in length}
Pretend you are a newspaper reporter whose job is to interview one of the characters. Write your interview. At least two pages, however more would be better.

Perfection is unattainable

You have become a character in your novel. Write how you felt when things were happening that you had no control over. Describe this in detail. 3/4 of a page to one page typed. [like a diary entry please]

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