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developed and designed by Susan Moran



Fix-up strategy print-out

Self-Initiated Questions

Strategy: Monitor Comprehension

  • Proficient readers make extensive use of fix-up strategies as they read.

  • Proficient readers do not proclaim: "I read it, but I didn't understand it."

  • They know that reading means you understand it.

  • Proficient readers who are good at monitoring their comprehension know when they understand what they read and when they do not.

    Comprehension monitoring instruction teaches students to:


    Be aware of what they do understand


    Identify what they do not understand


    Use appropriate strategies to resolve problems in comprehension

In order to monitor comprehension readers use pen and paper to record details they need to recall later.


_______   What brainstorming strategy can I use to help me understand this text?

Strategies to use

During Reading

______  Is there a graphic organizer that can help me organize the information?

______  Am I understanding what I am reading?

After Reading

______  Can I write a brief summary of the selection?

______  Can I use a graphic organizer to help me understand this text?

______  Can I retell parts of this story?