A Three Week Lesson Plan for Reader's Workshop Using Non-Fiction Books                        

developed and designed by Susan Moran


Reader's Workshop is an instructional model for teaching reading that unites explicit instruction in reading strategies with opportunities for students to practice each of the seven strategies independently, with a peer, and in small groups. 

Week One





Here is a  Non-Fiction Lesson plan to get students started.

I use National Geographic's "Comprehension and Writing Program" booklets to begin. Each box has sets of six booklets which concentrate on each strategy. They are excellent and very colorful. I break the class into groups of six and do these for a week before I have students use my non fiction library in week two.

a double entry chart


Non Fiction Plan


These are tracking sheets I use as I circulate  to monitor student progress. I do basic assessment as I circulate the room.  I also pick a day to conference with each student.



Class task monitor sheet 

Strategy Tracking Sheet

tracking chart

Conference Record

Asking leading questions



Students still use strategies when they get stuck or hit a part they are not understanding.


Fix Up Strategies


Second Week of Readers Workshop