How Students Will Be Evaluated

Assessment OF and FOR Instruction


Portfolio- types of Genres

Enjoyment of Literature

Final Portfolio Grade:  Your Portfolio gets an individual grade including Book Log, Introductory Activities, Class Participation, Group Participation, Quality of Work. Rubric based on a 1-5 scale or %

Alternatively this portfolio can be 20% of the final.



Class Activities


Assignment Choice One: Rubric  [50%]

Assignment Choice Two: Rubric  [50%]

Your Turn - Rubric  [25%]

Poem [ base it on your novel] or Write a Letter to one of your characters. Make sure both poem or letter are three full paragraphs filling up a full unlined piece of paper. [25%]

Each project is based on a scale of 1-5 [Alternatively each project could be % of total mark ]



Strategy Lessons

Total = 50%

Individual- 7pts each

Character Map-

Book Says-I Say-

Relationship Chart- Or - Free Choice from site

Plot Flow Chart- or Four Column Chart- (discuss issues)- or SpiderMap

Each is 1-5 scale   Students could complete all or several.

Group- 7 pts each

SWBS- Somebody Wanted But So - Those who read the same book. Otherwise this is individual effort.

Comparison(Venn Diagram)- Any two novels can be used for this.

Partner: Venn Diagram- Character similarity and differences.

Teacher decided on mark for each.



total =150%

Personal Responses  - RUBRIC- 100%

Conferences- {30% based on three teacher meetings}1-5 Use notes to assign a mark and use Conference Record and/or tracking chart

Self Evaluations- Use a scale to evaluate {20%}





Process Reading Test:  This is a sample of what I do, but I use my own materials and reading series. I evaluate by giving paragraphs or short stories and asking students questions, getting them to think before, during and after they read. I also have them synthesize for meaning, analyze reasons why characters act in a certain way etc. I follow the seven comprehension strategy lessons I taught them and expect that they have learned from what I taught. Tests are based on rubrics.

This is the site for All grade levels.   I find these tests very good indicators of how students in each grade are doing. However, as you can see from all the other requirements I use this as another part of their mark - assessment of ability to understand. I use a lot of rubrics for evaluation.


Process Reading Test:  A good idea of how I assess reading.


I add all four marks together and divide by four for the final. Or make each of the above worth 20 points for 100 percent.