Choral Montage

THE SCENARIO: At the end of the story the King decides to go to visit his brother, The Archduke.

  1. In your groups half the group will write sentences or phrases on sticky notes telling what the King says to the Archduke.

  2. The other half write sentences or phrases telling what they think the Archduke says to the King.

  3. Put the sticky notes on a large piece of chart paper. Invite another group to join you and they take their sentences or phrases with them.

  4. Divide the paper in two with a large space in the middle so that you can put the phrases that are similar in the middle. Now get one person to read or take turns reading out the Kings lines and the rest of the group decide if that phrase is better at the bottom of the column, middle or top. Finish the King- remember to park the similar sayings in the centre of the paper. Now do the same for the Archduke.

  5. Decide if one saying from the centre of the large chart paper should be read as a chorus  (ostinato) or should several be read by the whole group.

  6. Now each member take one or two pieces of paper in the order that the group agreed they should be read. Form a line of people so that One King alternates with one Archduke line.

  7. You may want one person to move from person to person to repeat the chorus of the King and one person to say the chorus of the Archduke or  you may decide that you all read the chorus. It is your choice.

  8. Have the groups present the Choral Montage.

Jeffrey Wilhelm's Version can be found on pages 174 and 175 in his book Action Strategies for Deepening Comprehension