Circular Advice



Each group will perform their Circular Advice Activity to the group when finished.

The purpose of this activity is to have students play devils advocate. If you have just read a short story or children's book orally, you could have the main character [played by one of your students] in the center of the group. Several other students surround the character and the character asks the group for advice. Or this could be a call in show and the main character is listening to advice from callers.

Here is an example from the book, "The Balloon Tree"

      Each participant will determine who they want to be by looking at page 11, and who will play Leora. Leora stands in the middle of the group of townspeople.  Once you decide on your role, get up and move to a good sized space. Form a circle with Leora in the middle. Leora moves from person to person asking advice about how to find a balloon to plant. Townspeople are curious as to why she would need this and she may tell why, but must get some advice as to what to do about this serious situation. Some townspeople may be sympathetic and try to counsel Leora, thinking she has lost her mind. They may be thinking: Who would want to plant a balloon? Others may realize a coup has taken place and advise her where to look.



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