Preparation and Room Organization


Various reading charts are placed around the room. These remind students how to use strategies. Some charts we make together during mini-lessons.





Books are in bins in the bookshelves.  I have a bookcase for Fiction  and one for Non-Fiction.  I do a mini lesson to teach how to keep book bins organized. Each bin is marked in two ways. First a number is assigned for each book. Second the genre of the books for that bin is marked on the bin, and on the spine. So that on the Bin I have marked HF [Historical Fiction] So on the book, I marked HF 1. HF 2..etc. For Non-fiction I mark Earth and Elementals Non-fiction [E&ENF 1, E&ENF2...etc.]


Go over the procedure you wish your students to follow as they choose their books. Make sure they understand what your expectations are. I allow three students at a time at each station. The first day I hand the bins around and allow students to talk through their choices or just sit and read the first page.



On the side bulletin board my students use the folders under the title Reader's Workshop. In these folders I have graphic organizers for students to use during their reading time for days that they say they are finished responding to the book and look a bit glassy-eyed. Once a cycle I have students use these instead of doing a response that day. These help my students practice comprehension strategies, zeroing in on understanding or making meaning from text. This site has many helpful


graphic organizers .

My list to jive with reading strategies



Establish your own or use the ones I devised.


Rules and expectations




I run off a letter to my students.

Getting to know You Survey

I go over the strategies good readers use while they read.



                 Survey   [write and then share answers]

Good readers




I demonstrate [with my own copy] how I want Portfolio organized





How I evaluate students Portfolio






I teach students the various genres of books that they will be reading and choosing from my bins in the book cases.


Genre sheet



Students choose a novel the first day of the workshop. They must choose books that are 'just right' or at their reading level. Teach them how to know it's just right using five finger rule. Keep this sign in/out sheet in a pocket folder on your [teacher] desk.

Choosing 'Just Right' Book

Sign out/sign in sheets

Book mark




Just after choosing a book students must begin filling in reading log chart. When they finish reading the novel, they record final information.


Reading Log Chart





I have this ICR poster hung up and explain it to my students. On independent workshop days - I tell students they will do ICR during class time.


ICR[ independent class reading       [poster]