Classroom Rules 


Overview of Classroom Routine:

  1. Be punctual. If the door is closed go to the office for a late slip.

  2. Be considerate and respectful. (No name calling and/or teasing, Keep your hands and feet to yourself).

  3. Be responsible. Turn in class work and home work on time. 

  4. Come prepared with your novel and all utensils.

  5. Practice the skills you learn daily of what it is to be a good reader. 

  6. Work hard by reading nightly and daily.

  7. Work well with others, never put them down. No question is too silly to ask if its on topic. 

Rules for Classroom Discussion
  1. Be prepared. Bring your books to meeting.

  2. Sit so everyone is facing inward.

  3. Begin right away. The person closest to the door begins.

  4. Look into the eyes of the speaker.

  5. Listen and wait until someone stops speaking to ask questions of understanding.

  6. Speak slowly and clearly.

  7. Don't make jokes.

  8. Use all your three cards during the discussion.

  9. Be sure you are taking part in a positive way.

  10. Use inviting words so everyone feels comfortable talking.

  11. Speak in low voices

  12. Stay on topic.

  13. Everyone in the group must take a turn, may pass once during the session.

  14. Respect the ideas of others.

  15. Give examples from the text to support your ideas.

Mini Lesson Rules

  1. Feet and hands are still, and your are attentive while I am sharing a strategy with you.

  2. Raise your hand to comment or ask a question when I have finished talking.

  3. Never shout out an answer, wait until I ask for your answer.

  4. Try to participate by saying what you know or by reading from your book.

Homework Rules

  1. It is your responsibility to find out what is for homework when you have missed a class.

  2. Make sure you ask a homework buddy you can rely on and one you know is responsible.

  3. If necessary call more than one person to find out what you missed.

  4. Check my homework site after six in the evening and I will have the updated information on it.

  5. If you were missing you will have two days to catch up on homework after returning to school.

  6. All assignments that were assigned within the previous day or week are due at the beginning of class and should be complete before coming into the classroom.

  7. I may be flexible on some of the above rules, if you can provide a reasonable and plausible excuse.