Fix-Up Strategies

Fix-Up Strategies

We use fix-up strategies when we are stuck or when we loose our way [run into a clunk] while reading. Pick and choose as you hit a 'clunk'. Try one of the following to help you get back on track. This is how you self monitor as you read.

Remember To

Remember To

Traffic Light Clip Art    Stop when you run into trouble. Reread the sentence or paragraph, before reading on .

THINK; "Does it make sense now?"


Take notes on main ideas    When you run into trouble use sticky notes to write down what the problem is.
Make Connections

What does this text remind me of?    T-S [text-to-self]  *  T-T [text-to-text] * T-W [text-to-world]

 boy in pajamas looking out the window            

Predict:  " What will happen next?"

Look at the bold and or italicized words as well as marginal notes. These are usually key words and concepts. Ask  a partner or peer for help.
Questions for your teacher; Use sticky notes to highlight anything that is confusing and then use this during a conference with your teacher.   Always keep the main or controlling idea of the reading in the back of your mind as you read, fill in details as you go.

Sudoku Mate   Word Solve:

  1. Look for familiar chunks and sound it out.

  2. Look for little words and big words in the word.

  3. Think about whether you've seen the word before, where and in what context.

  4. Read ahead to gather context clues.

  5. Ask yourself, "What will make sense and matches the letters?"

  6. Substitute a word that makes sense in the sentence.

Stop Sign Clip Art Stop and Ask:Question Mark Icon Clip Art

  1. Does this make sense?

  2. "Where Did I loose track?"

  3. "What's my purpose for reading?"

  4. "How's this related to the main idea?"

  5. "Did I use the punctuation to guide me as I read?"

  6. "What do I already know about this?" Connect the new information to the old.

Use the Clunks and Clues Graphic Organizer- Pass in. Remember to create mental images  as you read.

Run Off and have students fold in the middle, glue and laminate if you want or hole punch and keep in portfolio.