Before, During and After Guided Reading



     Set the context and purpose for the reading.

     Highlight main ideas and key points.

     Activate prior knowledge.

     Discuss the title, cover, pictures, author, and illustrator.

     Make connections (to self, text, world).

     Predict what the story might be about. Use titles and pictures or put words on board.



     Demonstrate key reading strategies:

        looking at pictures, titles, and bold words

        use your word clues

        look at the subtitles, chapter headings and italics

        use context to figure out words; reread

        break down by sentences; figure out the big picture and main ideas

        skip the word if you have difficulty, and read the rest of the sentence

        reread the sentence

     Stop at intervals and discuss key points, vocabulary, meaning and details.

     Make connections (to self, text, world)

     Ask and answer questions.

     Predict what will happen next, infer, determine importance.



     Identify the key concepts or the main idea.

     Summarize or sequence the events.

     Point out details or describe significant parts.

     Ask specific questions.

     Make connections (to self, text, world).


     Make inferences

     State opinions/point of view.

     Draw conclusions

      Share insights and understandings