How to Respond

Begin the first three responses with the book title, author and the date of your response entry. After that put the initials of the book and the last name of the author. Always put the date!

Example: Book Title:___________________________________     Author:________________________________________________


Other Things To Reflect/Visualize/Analyze


 How the setting affects the characters. [Because this was a small town made it worse for Jim when everyone found out...]


 What would you change about the book and why. [I think the author should have...]

bullet How the information in the book fits with what you know or have seen. This is how you make inferences, through your experience and the author doesn't have to spell it out [I knew all about fly fishing and how you have to... because I fly fish with my ...]
bullet What you noticed about the characters, such as what made them act as they did or how they changed. [Jen is really being nasty to her sister right now, but I kind of know how she feels because...]
bullet  Parts that you saw because the author used great sensory images . [ I really could see.... When the author described... I felt like...]

Other Things To Connect/Synthesize/Compare


How the book reminds you of yourself, people you know, or of something that happened in your life (Text-to-Self Connections) [The part where..... reminds me of ....} or I can remember...}

bullet How the book reminds you of other books, especially the characters, events, or setting (Text-To-text Connections) [Jen in this book is a lot like Sue from the book.... because they both...]
bullet How the book reminds you of something you've seen on TV or in a movie. It could be something from the world like an idea or a theme [issue] from the world that you connect with. [Text-to-world Connections] [When they are talking about how Jen felt when her dad left is a little like a movie I watched called... the young girl was...]
bullet  Did you ever have similar experiences? [I had the same feeling as Jen..]
bullet  What the story means to you [This story so far really is helping me understand...]
bullet Your thoughts or feelings about the author's message (the theme of the story)

Other Types Of Questions

bullet What you liked or disliked about this part in the book and why [I didn't get why  Jane took ....]
bullet  How the main character changed throughout the story? [I got how Jen is changing but I wondered ....]
bullet Why you think the author chose the title? [I wondered how the title of this chapter would play out and I think the author....]
bullet  What you want to know [ I really  would like to know if  Sarah knew...}

 Does the author keep the story going? [While I read this part I kept asking myself ...]

bullet   Make a prediction about what will happen next. [I think Susan will... or I bet I know what the kids do next...]
bullet Your predictions and whether or not they were right.[ I missed the mark because Susan... or The kids really did...]

Note: Make sure you reread passages that confuse you. Stop and think. Look words up or ask someone for help. You must self monitor your reading and always understand what you are reading. Find information that is most important to your understanding of the events. Put clues together so that you can summarize the important points, which helps you understand the whole novel. Make sure your responses demonstrate this understanding and you are not just choosing the simplest events to comment on. Do not forget to mention the themes in your novel.