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02/15/2012 03:50:21 PM

Dear fellow educators,

Hi. My name is Suzanne Moran and I wish to say all of the lessons herein are free for your usage. Please do not copy this website in any manner. I have worked tirelessly to perfect the lesson plans for you to use.   I feel by sharing the information on these pages that I am somehow still connected to teaching-even it it is in cyberspace! I will try to keep updating my pages but am not sure how long my enthusiasm will last.

It has been two years since I retired and I still feel the connection but it is waning somewhat I have to admit. However, teaching has been part of me for so long that I truly hope I will continue to want to share.

I first began this page with the web quest Johnny Tremain. That was in 1986. The next year I took another course for Web Paging and worked on an all lessons page.

Several years later, in 1990, I  began taking courses towards a Masters in Educational Administration at St. F. X. University. I did work in that field as relief, but never fully committed to leaving the classroom. That same year I took a third computer course, related to education and decided this was a good course of action, as my school board was moving toward tech-rich classrooms with a P3 school concept.

In 1992, I received a Sabbatical and took online courses, through CBU, leading to a Masters in Educational Technology. I really fell in love with the educational application this course offered and spent many hours perfecting lessons for my classroom.

I have been working on the pages for this site ever since and have spent many hours perfecting them. I am certainly a life-long learner and always want to keep current.

During the last ten years of my teaching career I became involved with initiatives from the Nova Scotia Department of Education and became a mentor for other teachers. I was happy to share my knowledge. So I am sharing my knowledge with you and hope your teaching will be enriched by something you find here.

If you find links useful I would appreciate your thoughts.


Susan Moran