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The  main focus of reading workshop is to help students read independently by connecting to the text in meaningful ways.       Developed and designed by Susan Moran

bullet I most often teach Reader's Workshop using novels.
bullet Procedures and Rules to Follow
bullet I teach  Comprehension Strategies to my classes through a specific responding technique.
bullet P2V attached Point 2 View camera is great for Read Aloud and guided reading activities.
bullet Some years my students need a simpler version of  reader's workshop.  I use "The Ransom of Red Chief by O. Henry [below] to teach one week  comprehension lessons.
bullet Sometimes I allow students to read  and respond for a week before I begin comprehension strategies.

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The Purpose of doing reader's workshop is to improve comprehension. By using  reading strategies, comprehension improves. Teacher's provide explicit instruction through mini lessons. Teachers often use high-end children's books [read aloud] to highlight key strategies that students then apply while reading. Teacher Tracking Sheet  Student Self-Tracking


Comprehension Strategy Lessons: You may wish to start here. {With graphic organizer suggestions} - My students use response journals to include samples of comprehension strategies. Use this Strategy Tracking Sheet for assessment purposes.

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Let me know if you need more information.

Mrs. Moran