This reader's workshop is intended for Junior High or Middle School students.  The  purpose of reading  workshop is to promote literacy in the classroom. We set the purpose for students by focusing on text and promoting the enjoyment and love of reading through meaningful interactions with the printed word. Students begin to understand and make meaning of what they read by writing responses while reading.

Teachers in reader's workshop use conversation as a bridge for reading. Strategy usage is the foundation of the bridge (anchors), responding the suspension cables and conversation the deck, which helps us drive along [read] comfortably.

If you do not already use NEO SMART WRITERS in your classroom for struggling writers I would highly recommend them.

Another useful tool is the Point 2 View usb camera. I use it during Read Aloud to highlight text, or to show the whole book as I read. If you connect it to the smart board you can write notes next to text, point and highlight words, etc. There are many good hints on the website to help.

Text-to-Self Connections


Text-to-World Connections

Text-to-Text Connections


essons  or



The  main focus of reading workshop is to help students read independently for enjoyment by connecting to the text in meaningful ways.

Developed and designed by Susan Moran

bullet I most often teach Reader's Workshop using novels.


bullet I teach  Comprehension Strategies to my classes through a specific responding technique.


bullet Sometimes I allow students to read  and respond for a week before I begin comprehension strategies.
bullet Some years my students need a simpler version of  reader's workshop.  I use "The Ransom of Red Chief by O. Henry [below] to teach  a one week Workshop.
bullet Procedures and Rules to Follow



How to respond


Fix Up Strategies


For Teachers

The Purpose of doing reader's workshop is to improve comprehension. Through  reading strategies, comprehension will improve. Teacher's provide explicit instruction through mini lessons, providing a model for students. Oftentimes teachers use high end children's books [read aloud] to highlight key strategies.


Comprehension Strategy Lessons: You may wish to start here. {With graphic organizer suggestions} - My students use response journals to include samples of comprehension strategies.  



Let me know if you need more information. I am retired but still work at home.

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