Week One




I usually take one month to do Reader Workshop

{Students work with Fiction/novels for this workshop}

This workshop assumes that all students have a                    "Just Right" novel, they have selected.  

Please note: My schedule is based on a six day    cycle. Five days I have 75 minute periods and one day a 38 minute .

Have students complete entrance and exit slips at least once a week.


Day One


bullet   Emphasize how you will evaluate and assess their work. [expectations] Establish  rules the class can go by so reading is undisturbed. {Bathroom breaks, needing help etc}
bullet Mini-lesson: Discuss the responding section of their Portfolios. Hand out Student printout, telling them you will instruct them as they go along, as to where papers go in the portfolio.
bullet Seat Work: Complete "Getting to know you" letter. Keep this is your MR [my reflections] section of your Portfolio.
bullet Complete InformalReadingInventories for homework and put this  in the portfolio section called Reading Activity [RA] .
bullet Teacher Read Aloud. Choose one activity from this site and apply to the children's book of your choice.  or do one here.  25 min.
bullet ICR - Independent Class Reading and Responding for the rest of the class. Teacher circulates, stopping at desks to talk to individual students about what they are writing.  Use Chart
bullet Homework - Read Novel Chpt. 3 and 4. 20 minutes and then  describe your character [s] so far in the Response section of your Portfolio. Compare and contrast your Character to the one in the read aloud today.

Day Two

Day Five

Do a TPS- [think-pair-share] of the informal inventories with a partner in the class as the class settles in for the day.
bullet Mini-lesson: sign out-in sheets. Remind students they must sign a book out only after they have read the first page and did the five-finger method-described below.
bullet P.i.c.k. guide for choosing a Novel- explain Just Right novel.  See Method for what I do.
bullet Mini-Lesson: How to fill in a reading_log_chart. Place at the beginning of their M.R. [my reflections] Section.
bullet Allow students time to choose a 'just right' novel.   Tell them to figure out how many pages to read a night - divide number of pages by 20 and that is how many pages to read per night.
bullet Mini-Lesson: Predicting.
bullet Homework: Students should not read more than a chapter tonight and make at least three predictions throughout the chapter.
bullet Character Quote- Begin for main character.
bullet Independent Class Reading- ICR  and students are also using sticky notes to mark sections they wish to write about. Or are actually writing while they read, stopping to reflect/connect/predict/ and question.
bullet Teacher/student Conference Record. Can be oral or simply going around taking notes.
bullet Mini-Lesson: Asking leading questions  
bullet Student Led Discussion- Group of 2-4 meet on each Friday  of the workshop and talk about one of these topics as it applies to their book. Fifteen to 20 minutes should accomplish this. Observing Chart
bullet Homework Finish Character quote and read novel.[20 minutes or more. Read Chapter 5 &6. Remind students to write responses as they read.


Day Six

bullet Explain what Reflections are and how to write a Response/Reflections: If this is the first time students have reflected as they read, make sure you explain fully how to respond and reflect on their reading. Students must track the strategies they use while reading.  Self-Tracking 
bullet Today's mini-lesson:  What Good Readers Do. Emphasize that the point of Reader's Workshop is to help them become better readers who understand what they read. So it is important for them to use Fix-up strategies as they read and to reflect as they read.
bullet Homework:  Read Chap.2 and 3. Students should write more predictions, but also examine which "good reader" strategies they used as they read. {Use their printout} They could use the double entry method for this.
bullet Strategy Mini-Lesson -Elements of Novels-Group discussion activity-10 Min.
bullet Begin plot chart  for their novel - keep in Strategy section of portfolio.
bullet They will only be able to complete some of this chart.
bullet Hand out this list of character traits Individual/group conference–remainder of period while they work on charactermap. or read novels quietly and make responses on their characters by using this chart .
bullet  Homework   Students should be reading Chapter 7&8 depending on length of novel and filling in the chart to hand in tomorrow as they enter class.


Following Schedules