Reading Log Genre Chart

Select a book to read. Write the date you took it out. Note the bin you took it from and the number on the book. Enter the title and author on the chart below. When you have completed reading, write the genre and date. If you could not complete reading the book write INC in the column Date Completed and record the date. Note whether the book was easy (E), just right (JR), or challenging (C) for you.

Date Chosen

Bin #

Book #



Genre Code

 Date Completed


Easy - E

Just Right- JR

Challenging- C

Fiction Genre Codes: Folk Tale [FT], Science Fiction [SF], Realistic Fiction [RF],  Fantasy [F], Historical Fiction [HF], Mystery [M], Adventure [A], Comics [C], Graphic Novel [GN]

Non-Fiction: Essay [E], Autobiography [AB], Biography [B], Memoir [ME], Travel Adventure [TE], Outdoor Literature [OL], Earth Literature [EL], Medical Literature [ML], Extreme Sports [ES], Sports [S], Machines [MC], How-to [HT], Cookbooks [CB], Newspaper [NP],

Poetry: Epic Poem [EP], Lyric Poem [LP], Dramatic Poem [DP]