Town Crier                          


developed and designed by Susan Moran

Set the Scene: A Town Crier has been sent to the Town Square to deliver a message from the Archduke. Explain a Town Crier is like a radio host today. He makes announcements and often hosts debates in the square.

Pose a Question: What do all the townspeople think of all these balloons? Who would be most angry? Who would be happiest?

Invite Brainstorming: Think of people who could be living in this town. Decide who you want to be. Help each other by writing down all the people who could live in a town. Then everyone choose a person to be.

You could have students be the Town Crier after a time demonstrating it.


Once students become familiar with the strategy, they could become the Town Crier

Frame the Enactment: Tell the students you will act as the Town Crier at first. Invite them to gather round- you could have a cape and hat if you wish. Stand on a box or something higher than the students. Read : Hear Ye, Hear Ye! It has been declared on this twentieth day of May that all balloons shall be banished from the Kingdom Forever. How Vote thee and Why? (lots of noise from townspeople) Now order, order- one at a time.

Play the Radio Host like a Call In Show (except you are a Town Crier) by probing the speakers for reasons why they are for or against the issue. The key is to keep the conversation flowing and invite others to speak. Get each speaker to identify themselves and then ask how they vote and why- probe deeper by trying to get the person to respond to the previous opposite viewpoint. Challenge the speakers- What do ye say to the Baker who loves balloons and wants to have fun? But what if there was no joy left in the Kingdom? Why do you hate little Leora? What about the boy who gave the balloon to Leora? What should be done to him?










Oval Callout: Here Ye Here Ye.. Lend Me Your Ears! . It has been decreed that all balloons are banished from the Kingdom by order of the Archduke. You are to clean your houses and business of all these abhorant objects immediately. What say you in response to this? Identify yourself and open your lips to me.