Voice From the Past


           Individually students write a Diary Entry that considers what might have happened in the past that is affecting the way Leora sees the Archduke at this point in the story. Imagine Leora went to her room once she heard her father was going to another Kingdom for a tournament. She pulls out her diary from under her mattress and begins to write. You will be Leora writing in her diary about this event.

        When finished students read a few of the diary entries. Students read a few entries orally to demonstrate what may have happened to cause Leora's fears of the Archduke or just write about how angry and afraid she is.


           Role Play: Have one student sit in the front of the room reading her diary entry. Three or four other students  stand behind the stool and whisper questions about the entry into her/his ear. The person who is role playing the main character  must answer their questions orally --giving an oral response without letting the audience know what the question was. Students who are chosen must keep questions geared to the diary entry but can ask probing questions to elicit deeper understanding of her fear of the main character's motivations and interactions with other characters from the story. 

Sample questions:

  1. Why do you feel this way?

  2. What did the Archduke do before this incident?

  3. When did you first become afraid of the Archduke?