Reader Workshop      Procedures And Rules


  • Make sure you understand the set  rules for the classroom and those rules we set for Independent Reading Time.
  • When choosing a book, do not take time to discuss books with other students.
  • Choose books that appeal to you, by reading the back cover first, then proceed to your seat and read the first page. Return it or sign it out by following the five finger rule.
  • Select a place to sit in the classroom. I allow you to take in your pillow. Do not sit with  a friend at this time.
  • Learn the proper care of your novel. You are responsible, if it is damaged, to replace it.
  • Be a good listener during the mini-lesson and during conferences with peers and the teacher.
  • Make sure to use a soft tone of voice when you are discussing the book during group share activities.
  • Set some reasonable goals for yourself and check to see if your reading is improving.
  • Make sure you have your responses ready during a conference with the teacher.
  • Get to know the genres of books.
  • Keep up your reading log genre sheet, making sure you fill in all the spaces.
  • Ask questions that are on topic during all activities.