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     Readers Theatre can be

performed in front of an audience

or may be in front of classmates.

Staging is simple and common

items like chairs and paper towel

tubes are used. Characters rely

on their imagination to turn a pencil

into a microphone to communicate

their roles. Music stands support

scripts. Benches, stools, chairs,

risers and boxes provide different

levels for both standing and sitting.

A cape or hat symbolize a particular

character. Remember that simplicity

of the staging means an easy and

enjoyable production. Stress and

anxiety are kept at a minimum for

performers and Teachers!


Rt Home







Select a script.

After reading several times, readers sit in a circle.

Rehearse reading, focusing on character and expression.

When finished rehearsing gather your music stands and place them in a straight line or arrange them in a semi- circle. Place the  main character downstage and the lesser characters stage right, stage left or  further upstage. Readers upstage should be on a higher level. I suggest using a box or some flat boards.


Thomas' Snowsuit

Reader Roles      Names of Students

Narrator 1                   ______________________

Thomas                      ______________________

Mother                        ______________________

Teacher                       ______________________

Principal                      ______________________



Readers enter from stage right,  with scripts under their right arms. When in position behind music stands, Narrator1 gives the signal by placing the script on the music stand. The other students place their scripts down and lower their  heads which means they are not  in action.


  N1 Thomas N2  TeachMother  


Staged Readers Theatre