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A Dramatic Reading And Writing Activity

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This page is designed for those teachers who wish to enhance the writing and reading experience for their classes through a Readers Theatre script writing activity.


Some Guiding Principles

I firmly believe that students need to read orally more often. I have found Readers Theatre to be beneficial in that it provides opportunities for students to become comfortable with oral reading as well as it helps students' interpretation of words, allowing for smoother speaking intonation and articulation.

  1. Readers Theatre is an oral activity which involves oral reading of scripts, either written by the students or commercially produced copies. Students are encouraged to use their imagination by using everyday items.

  2. Readers Theatre provides a focus for students to write, read and share their imagination with their peers. Creativity and insight are important precursors to text interpretation and aids the reader to move to a more independent level of reader.

  3. Readers Theatre can be integrated across the curriculum. Scientists, artists, and Historical People can be written about, interviewed, and discussed through scripts written by the students.

  4. Readers Theatre is a positive strategy to use for all students regardless of reading proficiency.


Classroom Script Writing Activity

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Assessment & Evaluation
  • Use checklists and Observation sheets to help keep students on task.
  • Keeps notes on students' group dynamics to interpret and communicate ideas. Use these notes to conference with the group for improvement before they are marked.
  • Record or video tape the presentations.
  • Note students' interest in independent script writing to use to change this lesson for next time.