Critique Worksheet:


In this assignment you will look at several advertisements in magazines, TV ads, billboards, flyers, etc. as examples from various media sources. As a group look over the questions below and determine which advertisement you think is the STRONGEST and which one you think is the WEAKEST.  Meet with your group and decide which one is the STRONGEST and which one is the WEAKEST.  As a group answer the questions fully so you have a valid reason for your decision.  You will present your ideas in front of the class. 


Critiquing is a synthesizing process by which we organize our thoughts about an advertising piece. In the end we will assess the piece on its strengths and weaknesses and decide whether it has subliminal messages or the wrong message for the audience that it targets. or not. 

By examining the slogan, the colors used, the icons and images and even the non-direct positioning of the images, we are able to look at the advertisement and make educated statements about it.

Use a chart like the following. You  should use a computer and enlarge each block to contain the necessary information.

Type of Advertisement








American Idol Advertisement


Feb. 12, 20_ _

A Ford Focus Car

 Pulse images, fast paced large font across the screen, latest neon green colors, flashes to Ford Logo- enlarged.

Advertiser used brief messages, latest colors, close-ups of happy stars, tires hugging curves of road, inside shots of multiple CD player, leather seats, color on outside and inside.

Unity created by overall package design of car, multiple shots of car's features.

Large and bold name of car flashed on screen, Ford's logo shown over and over.

The event to show off the car is that the idol who wins will be driving the latest Ford Hybrid and is a winner with style.

The latest neon shade of green promotes a 'with it' youth who earned the best by winning the contest.

The Ford Logo being flashed on the screen promoted their car and did not focus on the contestant.

I thought the idol should have been highlighted more.

The car advertisement was successful in that all teen idols want a free car and promoting the hybrid as an environmentally conscious teen is a good thing.

I would rather a different type of car.

I thought this was too expensive a campaign simply to show off their car.

I would have had the idol go and choose from the lot a car from their line that they personally liked, with their own color and style.












  1. What event/promotion is advertised?
  2. Where does this event/promotion take place?
  3. What is the date?
  4. What subject matter is included in the advertisement?
  5. What type of font or lettering is used?




  1. Not all the advertising elements will be included in every advertisement. However, the Advertiser uses some of these components of design. 
  2. How does the campaign designer organize the visual elements and apply principles of design? 
  3. What does the Advertiser do to create unity?
  4. How does the designer enhance the text?




  1. What kind of event does this advertisement portray?
  2. What kinds of colors are used and what kind of meaning does this give the event?
  3. How do the fonts, visual images and styles of lettering add or detract from the meaning of the advertisement?
  4. How does this advertisement make you feel?



  1. What do you like about this piece?
  2. How could this piece be improved?
  3. Would you want to go to this event?  Why?
  4. Do you consider this piece successful or not successful? 
  5. What is the basis of your evaluation?