Writing Genre Plan

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 Genre  Writing 


Topic Suggestions for Writing

These are all rough drafts and only a few will be handed in as good copy to be marked.


Description includes sensory images and specific details using transitions

DESCRIPTION: Include lots of visual and touch details
1. Describe your bedroom or your favorite room.
2. Your favorite place.
3. A teacher, relative or friend you will never forget
4. Your favorite pet or favorite type of animal.
5. Your favorite food or meal
6. A description of your choice.
 News Article Write a newspaper article using columns in your word processor, to explain how to do several of these topics. PROCESS :
1. How to stay in bed as late as possible but still get to school on time.
2. How to make the best TV snack (or a meal).
3. How to get along with ___________.
4. How to make ____________ (use a hobby)
5. How to pick the best place to eat.
6. How to get to your favorite place
 Comparison Write a compare and contrast article. COMPARING AND CONTRASTING:
1. The person you are and the person you would like to be.
2. Two different types of music or groups.
3. You and a friend.
4. Two fast foods places.
5. Two sports or two seasons.
6. Your choice of two things to compare.
 Review Write a  review of one of the following. CLASSIFYING:
1. Movies -- good ones and bad ones.
2. Different groups in your school or community.
3. Different types of TV commercials.
4. The different types of _________ (shoes, skis etc.)
5. Special places in a city.
6. Your choice.


Write A persuasive essay. ARGUMENT: FOR AND AGAINST: Present both sides.
1. A school rule.
2. Capital punishment
3. Heavy metal music.
4. Abortion
5. Speed limits on highways.
6. Minimum Age regulations for student's working. Or your choice.
 Interview Write an Interview.

Make up twenty interview questions

DEFINITION: Always give examples
1. School is .........
2. Friendship is ..........
3. The most serious problems in society
4. A good movie is........
5. The best holiday is......
6. Your choice.
Dialogue Write several dialogues using proper quotation marks for one of the following. DIALOGUE: Conversation- don't forget your quotation marks.
1. You find a phone number you don't recognize in your pocket and decide to call.                                                                                                                                          2. Your friend told a secret- what do you say? What does he/she say?
3. You have an odd conversation with the person in the seat next to you on a plane.
4. You argue with your parents about being allowed to go to rink dances.
5. Your food suddenly starts to trying to talk you out of eating it.
Letters Write  Letters to your friend and relatives LETTERS There are many kinds of letters. Practice by using these examples.

o Welcome Letter to a new student in your class
o Letter of Appreciation - to your teacher
o Apology Letter - to a friend [can be pretend]
o Letter of complaint- to a store or company
o Letter of Invitation - to a guest speaker for graduation

Poetry Practice any type . Shadow Poetry keeps a complete list of poems. Try several types.