Advice columns have been around for hundreds of years. An advice column is sometimes called a "Dear Abby" section in the newspaper. There are many different types of advice columns--they are not just about relationships, money and jobs. There are many advice columns from how to pot plants to how to raise animals. You would have to do some long and short to make up two pages.

-How To-

1. Write a "Dear Abby" with a problem that you want a resolution to.
2. "Dear Abby" will then give you advice on how to solve your problem--hopefully, with much success.


-Examples of Common Problems-

When consulting advice on relationships, you may ask questions pertaining to marriage, cheating and children.

When problems with money occur, you may want to know when and where the money will come from. Will you win the lottery?

-Jobs-When looking for information about jobs, you may wonder what types of jobs are best for you, where to find them and the best ways and times to apply.

Example of an Advice Column You write the problem and the advice!


DEAR ABBY: I am 14 and in high school. There's this boy, "Jon," who has liked me for a long time. Recently a friend of his asked me if I'd ever consider being Jon's girlfriend. I told him no. I said I liked Jon, just not in that way. Obviously, the friend told Jon.

My problem is Jon is now acting obsessive toward me. He calls me almost every day telling me he WILL make me his girlfriend someday. He MSN's me constanly, emails me daily. I have tried blocking him, but then he calls. I am desperate!

Abby, I am friends with Jon's ex-girlfriend, "Sara," and that's one reason I said no. The second reason is that Sara confided in me that she broke up with Jon because he had begun to abuse her. The third is that I'm just not interested.

Jon follows me around the school when he thinks I don't know. He has even followed me home. I don't know what to do about this, so please print my letter. -- BEING STALKED IN VANCOUVER, B.C.


DEAR BEING STALKED: You cannot be "friends" with Jon, because he doesn't regard you in that way. The next time he calls, tell him he must stop calling, and that you know he has been following you, and that must stop, too. Then inform your parents what's been going on, and let them tell Jon's parents the attention you're receiving from their son is unwanted.
    Years ago, people used to think that the behavior you have described was just part of young love. Since the early '90s, however, members of law enforcement and the mental health community have come to realize that individuals who behave the way Jon does may be mentally unbalanced. In your case, this may be just a teenage crush, but if Jon doesn't leave you alone, your family may have to involve the police.