Assessment During Writing Circles

There are different traits that we look for when assessing a piece of student writing. Teachers are taught to look for writing that has interesting ideas, clear organization, and, of course, "strong voice."

Quick writes are rarely assessed on quality. If you wish to assign an effort mark that is acceptable.

Writing prompts and genre writing [rubric] make up a  portion of the mark for Writing Circles because students are working  in writing circles about the work they are attempting or working independently.

While students work I conference either individually or with a group. I would suggest you use your conferencing and tracking notes to get a final mark.

Part of the final mark is based on number of good copies handed in. Judge these on the six traits writing rubric. You may have five good copies = 20% each or four = 25% each. I use a scale of 1-5 for my marking and then average these.

Another mark is group mark. I would use this rubric for it.

Rubric for Marking Ideas and Content 

Six Traits Scale Rubric