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Sheets and Charts


Writers use strategies all the time to keep their writing going.  By keeping a record of daily happenings they become great observers and use this information in their writing.  They use notebooks to do this.




Two sheets are important to keep students organized. These are writing log, genre sheet. Keep these sheets at the beginning of the notebook.

a writing log



It is best to divide the notebook into sections for instance: quick write; Territories; rough drafts; meetings; final drafts and Information.



Each Day begin with 10 minutes of free-flow-writing [a quick write ]. These are warm-up exercises to be done in class and at home. Remind students to date each entry. At the end of the allotted time students  put down pencils. Spelling and grammar will not be marked in your booklet.

Quick Write




Keep these in the information section of the notebook. These organizing sheets help students stay on track and thoughtful ways of critiquing.

about circles

 Writing CirclesRules

how to share



Students must set times and use a group tracking sheet for meetings.

group tracking sheet



The student wishing to be critiqued must fill in a form to present to your group during meeting.

The students who are critiquing must fill in a reviewer feedback form.

Discussion meeting form

Reviewer feedback form




Sheets to help students revise and edit so that they pass in quality assignments. There are five [or four if you wish] good copies to come in to the teacher.



revise, proofread

peer editing


About conferencing


Conferencing strategy

tracking sheet

tracking 2 chart


Student writing self evaluation checklist



self evaluation



Revise Mini-lesson adding Strong Voice


Mini Lesson



Six trait self evaluation of writing


Six traits


Six Traits Writing Rubrics



Rubric 2