Constructive Criticism Techniques

WHEN DISCUSSING: Use statements like:

  • "The introduction needs a stronger opening..."
  • "I think you should consider changing.." or "I think you need to change..."
  • "This part really caught my attention..."  --- Avoid making generalizations
  • "in my opinion..."  or  "I like the way you... "

The reviewer completes this form and attaches it to the author’s writing piece.

Reviewer Feedback

Name of Reviewer_________________________        Date_________________                                                                         Title of Writing Piece__________________________________________________  Author of Piece:_____________________

1) When I heard the introduction, I thought this piece of writing would be about


2) After hearing this piece, I realized that your main point was …


3) The strength of this writing piece is…


4) The most captivating idea in this writing piece was…


5) The part of this writing piece that needs the most work is…


6) The following areas need further consideration and some tweeking:

(Place an X Mark and offer instructions in the space provided)

___Structure (organization, transitions, etc.)

___Tone (writing style appeals to the audience)

___Quality (use of figurative language, sensory images.)

___Coherence (consistency, fluidity from paragraph to paragraph)

___Technical (grammar, word choice, layout etc.)